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Western Days rodeo returns

By Jacob Sturm


Western Days traditions continue to live on as the celebration hits its 46th annual occurrence on Sept. 9 and continues the next night through the evening hours of Sept. 10 at the Mustang Roundup Club Arena.

Capping off the festivities on both evenings is the Western Days open rodeo, where participants from across the state travel to Mustang for the event. Chairman for the Western Days affiliated Rodeo in 2022, Jeff Hopper, said the rodeo will have all typical events.

“We do have, just for the kids, mutton busting,” Hopper said. “(That) is (when) kids get on a sheep and ride a sheep. We do that every year. We also have a calf scramble, which literally almost every kid, will be out there on the dirt chasing calves around. They put a ribbon on two, three, four or however many, and whichever kid gets the ribbon off gets a prize.”

For a time in the past, the rodeo and parade, along with the carnival, were all that made up the Western Days festivities.

The event, now called the Mustang Roundup Club Rodeo, is much bigger than in the past and is held two times every Western Days. Occasionally, people from out of state will travel to attend the rodeo as well, but Hopper said this year may not be the case.

“It’s pretty much just people from Oklahoma,” Hopper said. “There may be somebody (that will) come up from north Texas or southern Kansas, but it’s pretty much just Oklahoma people.”

“…It’s a good little rodeo,” Hopper said. “It really is.”

As far as participants scheduled for each night, Hopper said there are some who will be riding both nights. Others will only do one of the two nights depending on plans with other rodeos, and events to attend and more.

The event’s rodeo is something that calls to generations of families dedicated to the craft. It is also a good event that has the ability to resonate with people of all ages. This is all the case with the Mustang Rodeo despite the urban surroundings, and can be considered a unique chance to experience equestrian and agricultural activities exhibited at a high level.

The event starts at 8 p.m. both evenings and costs $10 for adults, tickets for kids under 12 cost $5 and children 4 years old and younger are free. Pre-sale tickets are available at Bank7 until week before the rodeo. Adult pre-sale tickets are $8 and kids’ pre-sale tickets are $4.

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