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Man arrested for vehicle burglaries

By Jacob Sturm

A man is receiving four felony charges for his attempts to break into a plethora of vehicles on Sept. 2 and a successful attempt to break into a vehicle on the same day.

William Joshua Carter-Nowicki had been caught attempting to break into the vehicles surrounding the 9000 block of SW 48th Terrace in Oklahoma City after police followed up on reports of automobile burglary.

Carter-Nowicki had been viewed as attempting to break into vehicles on four separate occasions on the same day. He made his way into one vehicle and rummaged about in the vehicle.

Each instance of reports claims the suspect was bald and did not have a shirt. Video surveillance had been submitted to police, which showed distinct tatoos (angel wings with initials on his upper left chest and his family name tattooed along his lower rib cage) identifying the culprit.

Photographs of the suspect were sent to the OCPD SW Crime Unit where tattoos matched the location and design as those seen in the video surveillance.

Ten different witnesses endorsed the information for the State of Oklahoma in this case.

Burglary in the third degree can be punished with imprisonment for up to five years. Punishments for attempted burglary in the third degree are not any different.

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