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Cancer Care Spa Day at The Aesthetics Place 

By Jayson Knight

The Aesthetics Place MedSpa, located at 543 East State Highway 152 Suite 101, has been hosting a Cancer Care Spa Day for cancer survivors this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. It was initially intended for just 12 participants, but the requests haven’t stopped coming in. Facials will continue to be offered through October.

Tanja Pittman, Nurse Practitioner and owner/operator of The Aesthetics Place said Wednesday that she’s had this kind of effort in mind since she opened her clinic, and she is so excited that people are becoming aware of this absolutely free service to the community. It is a treat to me to give back in this way.

When I opened my Med Spa in 2019, I intended on offering a cancer care spa day each year in October. I thought that would be the best month to do it because that’s the month set aside for breast cancer awareness. Well, I opened in November that year, and then COVID hit the year after. So, we were finally able to start it last October and had 8 participants with all types of cancer. We were able to host a one-day event because at that time I had two estheticians and a representative from iScinical come in and help that day. This year, I had to set it up a little different since I am practicing solo. Each participant can schedule during my regular business hours, which are Tuesday – Friday between 10am – 6pm.”

Several local businesses have jumped onboard with donations to help provide a gift bag for each participant. The gift bag includes a Cancer Care spa day t-shirt, gift cards, free services, cookies, treats, spa gifts and more. Pittman said, “I would like to thank Heavenly Hands, The Burlap Buffalo, Del Rancho, The Lokal – Mustang, Enhanced Cosmetics, The Egghausted Mom sweets and treats, Something Sweet Bakery and iSclinical skin care products for helping with this effort! I can’t thank them enough. it is very special to these cancer survivors to be pampered so much and it takes all of us to pull this off.” Any local businesses are also welcome to join in.

Each spa day includes a “Harmony” facial, which is cancer certified and was created by iSclinical skin care products, one of the medical-grade skin care lines that I carry. It is very mild, hydrating and provides healing to dry, irritated skin. I also get some time to visit with each person about specific skin care concerns and see if I can help in any way during their treatment and recovery. Participants can have any type of cancer, not just breast cancer to qualify. The main objective is to set aside some time to empathize and care for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is currently fighting cancer, going through cancer therapy, or even in remission, so it’s just kind of a special day, set apart for them to just get some well-needed, well-deserved pampering.”

Cancer treatment can be very hard on your skin. “Chemotherapy and radiation are very strong,” she said. “It can be very dehydrating, as well as causing sensitive, irritated, or even broken, compromised skin.”

Radiation over and over to the same area can be devastating.

I have not personally experienced cancer, but both of my parents have gone through cancer, and I have seen it firsthand. My mom had colon cancer and melanoma, and my dad had a very rare type of cancer that required surgeries and radiation treatments to his upper arm. It was intense and near the end of his treatments, I could hardly believe that they could do any more with his skin looking so bad, because it was just like a severe burn. I was happy that I was able to provide him with several medical-grade skin care products to help the healing process when he was all done. I know other people need help as well and I hope that I can help them too.”

The Aesthetics Place strives to provide the perfect environment for relaxation. A comfortable boutique-style spa setting provides a cozy, calm, relaxing experience with quiet music and specialized aesthetic services. Tanja has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for 11 years now and in HealthCare for over 35 years. She has designed the medspa to be a welcoming retreat for community members to receive professional, one-on-one care. She sees patients “By Appointment Only” at this time.

For more information about The Aesthetics Place, give Tanja a call at (405) 256-6060 during her business hours, which are 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. 

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