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OKC policeman arrested by GCSO on numerous drug charges

On September 23rd, 2022, Chickasha Fire Department Emergency Medical Personnel were dispatched to what was initially described as an unattended death at a residence in Ninnekah. Upon arrival, Emergency Medical Personnel (EMS) located an unresponsive male later identified as Yancy Walt Dean Forbes. Forbes received treatment on the scene and was transferred to Grady Memorial Hospital in Chickasha for treatment.

On September 24th, 2022, at approximately 1 p.m., EMS was again dispatched to Ninnekah, but for an unresponsive female. The subject making the call for EMS had located the wife (Sandra Forbes) of Mr. Forbes unresponsive in the residence.

Sandra Forbes was transported to Grady Memorial for further treatment. Lt. Deputy Jim Peek was contacted by Grady County Dispatch advised of the second medical call and Lt. Peek went to Grady Memorial to check the status of both Mr. & Mrs. Forbes.

Once at the hospital, Lt. Peek made contact with Mrs. Forbes. Lt. Peek conducted a recorded interview with Sandra Forbes in reference to the cause of her overdose as well as that of Mr. Forbes, Lt. Peek learned the medical call on September 23rd, 2022 (which involved Mr. Forbes) was the result of ingesting a white powder which both Mr. and Mrs. Forbes believed to be cocaine. Mrs. Forbes stated she had found some remaining white powder (which she believed to be cocaine) under the sink in the residence on September 24, 2022. Mrs. Forbes believed it to be the same type powdery substance which Mr. Forbes had ingested.

Mrs. Forbes stated she ingested “a line” of the substance and did not recall anything afterwards. Mrs. Forbes was located by the mother of Mr. Forbes after failing to answer phone calls. Mrs. Forbes stated both her and Mr. Forbes are long time users (approximately since 2021) of cocaine and Mr. Forbes is currently employed as a Master Sergeant for the Oklahoma City Police Department. Mrs. Forbes stated she had also used what she believed to be cocaine in the residence on September 22, 2022.

A search warrant was granted and served by Grady County Deputies on the Forbes residence. The following is a list of the items located and seized through the search warrant:

  1. I-phone duty phone and 1 SD card, assigned by Oklahoma City Police Department, which was provided to Oklahoma City Police Department for download, found in the truck of Yancy Forbes.

  2. 1 set Digi Weigh Scales with residue (Master Bedroom)

  3. 1 small plastic baggie containing white powdery residue and 5 Oklahoma City Police Department Field Interview Cards (located in a lunchbox identified by Yancy Forbes as belonging to him)

  4. 1 green in color plastic bottle labeled “Prenatal” containing various items of drug paraphernalia (Master Bathroom)

  5. 1 glass smoking pipe with residue, 1 grinder containing a brown substance, 1 “Brothers Gummies” (master bedroom)

  6. 17 small plastic baggies containing a white powdery residue (2 tested positive for cocaine/found in master bathroom)1 baggie containing a metal screen commonly used for smoking pipes to consume narcotics

  7. 1 black plastic baggie (secured with non-drug items at the Grady County Sheriff’s Office) containing a clear plastic baggie (weighing 4.86 grams with packaging) containing mushrooms

  8. 1 black metal container with white residue and 1 amber bottle containing 1 tablet/pen piece/razor blades, found in a purse containing ID for Sandra Forbes.

All items above will be retained by the Grady County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation or submittal to the Oklahoma state Bureau of Investigations Laboratory for further testing and analysis.

On September 25, 2022, Lt. Peek TFO conducted a recorded interview with Sandra Forbes at Grady Memorial Hospital. Prior to any questioning, Mrs. Forbes was read Miranda and she agreed to speak. Below are highlights of the conversation but not a verbatim translation:

Mrs. Forbes stated she returned from seeing Mr. Forbes at Grady Memorial and found what she believed to be the remainder of his “stash”.

Mrs. Forbes stated she “snorted a line” and that was all she remembered after taking a seat on the couch.

Mrs. Forbes stated she and Mr. Forbes would purchase cocaine “once a month” and the last purchase (approximately three weeks before overdoses) was in the amount of 14 grams for $1100.00.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Forbes have been using cocaine for approx. 1 year

Mrs. Forbes stated Mr. Forbes has accompanied her when purchases of cocaine were conducted.

Mrs. Forbes gave consent for a download of her phone. That phone will be downloaded and a copy will be provided to the District Attorney’s Office when available.

Mrs. Forbes stated the money used to purchase the cocaine was a combination of funds from both Mr. and Mrs. Forbes.

Mrs. Forbes stated the mushrooms located were the property of her daughter (has not lived at the residence in approx. 1 year according to a later interview with Mr. Forbes)

On September 25, 2022, Lt. Peek, conducted a recorded interview with Yancy Forbes at his residence. Prior to any questioning, Mr. Forbes was read Miranda and agreed to answer questions. Below are highlights from that interview and not a verbatim translation:

Mr. Forbes stated he used what he believed to be cocaine on the day of his overdose but initially concealed purchasing cocaine.

Mr. Forbes stated he ingested a “hit” and collapsed.

Mr. Forbes estimated he and Mrs. Forbes purchase an estimated $1000 per month of cocaine and that he has accompanied Mrs. Forbes on at least two occasions to make the purchase.

Mr. Forbes stated he is fully aware of the purchases, has been in the vehicle with Mrs. Forbes when purchases of cocaine were conducted and also supplies money to facilitate the transactions.

Mr. Forbes denied selling drugs but did state that he “shares” cocaine at parties.

Mr. Forbes stated he has removed narcotics (what he believed to be cocaine) from abandoned/stolen cars as well as found property while on duty as a patrolman in Oklahoma City. Mr. Forbes referred to these items as “trophies” when brought home, but were never intended for use. Mr. Forbes stated the “cocaine” which caused the overdoses may have been a “trophy”. Mr. Forbes also stated he knows this practice is “wrong”. Mr. Forbes described an incident where a property was removed from a subject for destruction but that he kept the narcotics located inside the subject’s property.

Mr. Forbes gave consent for a download of his personal phone and a copy of that will be provided to the District Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Forbes provided a bottle which had not been located during the search warrant on the residence. Inside that bottle was a small plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance as well as a small piece of a brown material (believed to be heroin by appearance). Those items have been submitted for analysis/weight determination and a copy of those results will be forwarded as soon as available.

Mr. Forbes stated he began use of cocaine to avoid drinking alcohol.

Mr. Forbes stated he would schedule his drug use around his work schedule so he would be able to pass drug screens for employment.

Stated the cocaine found in his lunchbox was an “accident”.

Mr. Forbes again stated he removed suspected narcotics from cars/personnel property while on duty in Oklahoma City. He did make a statement that the “cocaine” could have come from a homeless person contact.

On September 26, 2022, I returned to the Forbes residence and obtained a written consent for the phones to accompany the verbal consents received earlier.

Based on the number of items located at the residence and positive field test for cocaine on 2 of the baggies located, as well as the numerous sets of functioning digital scales and the weight of the mushrooms located, I am requesting the following charges be filed against both Mr. and Mrs. Forbes:

Possession of CDS (cocaine)

Possession of Paraphernalia

Possession of CDS (mushrooms) with intent to distribute

Maintaining a dwelling for the distribution of CDS

Additional charges will be filed based on the lab results for the items submitted.

All of the above acts occurred in Grady County, State of Oklahoma.

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