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Commercial development planned near Lowe’s

Thunderbird Business Center has no firm timeline for completion. (Photo provided)

By Jacob Sturm

Behind the Lowe’s, there is a new development coming to Mustang set to include office spaces, a warehouse and retail developments.

That is due to Denny Hight’s decision to assess the type of development that would thrive in the rapidly growing area.

“What we’re looking at right now, of course we are in the process of leasing the office warehouses at this time,” Hight said. “We’re over 50% leased there. The center section is going to be offices, they call them garden offices. They look like a nice house. We’re in the process of doing the engineering on the infrastructure there, and the plan is to sell off those individual pad sites for businesses to build offices. And then the front section is set up for a small strip retail center.”

The development’s location on Thunderbird Lane comes with some perks.

“One of the nice things about that whole development is the access from Thunderbird Lane,” Hight said. “So, once you turn onto Thunderbird Lane, you’re out of the heavy traffic of Sara Road. So, Ingress and Egress is quite easy to all of those locations down there, whether it’s the office warehouse or what will be the office buildings themselves, or even the retail portion there in the front because that will be accessed off Thunderbird Lane as well.”

Hight has owned the property for over 20 years, and had sold another portion of land for Lowe’s to build their facility in the past. That left an additional 15 acres, which Hight agreed to let the city of Mustang access the Armory through building a new road for the Department of Defense on the land at that previous time.

Now, the Thunderbird Business Center will come in and fill additional space while Mustang’s boom continues.

He talked about the growth of town shifting toward Sara Road, and mentioned the new Atwoods and the new homes being built with good access to the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

Hight said that, ahead of the development, the discussion centered on what would be a good use for the property. The result is the Mustang Business Center, which brings industry into Mustang. He said there could be new types of industries that could be well suited for the property, too. That’s before talking about the retail portion of the development, which he expects someone to be interested in developing when available.

There is no firm timeline on when the project will be completed.


  1. Shawn Hagan on January 4, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    Mayor Grider, Honorable Council-members, and Citizens of Mustang,

    I’m reading this article with my head in my hands. I’ve been a resident of Mustang most my life. Me and my sisters went to school here. We’ve built our lives on the soil of this town and we’ve buried our loved ones in that same soil. I’ve seen this small town grow into a nice city with great services offered to the community.

    My Mom, Linda Hagan, was on the Council for 30 years. She and other great leaders of Mustang came up with Vision 2000. We gained a Community Center, Aquatics Center, Softball/Baseball fields, walking trails, and pavilions for community events. Prior to that, we went from a two lane S. H. 152 and Mustang Road to four lanes. These improvements dramatically changed the landscape of Mustang.

    We attracted some of great retail stores and restaurants. We’ve also grown exponentially in the number of citizens living in and around this city. Unfortunately, the infrastructure hasn’t kept up with the growth. Almost anytime, day or night, S. H. 152 and Mustang Road are crowded with traffic. During worker’s commute times, the traffic is backed up all the way to Morgan Road. The school traffic in the morning and afternoon is up there with the most crowded cities.

    I currently see two large retail developments in the works and multiple housing developments. These will only make our current traffic issue worse. Has anyone actually done a traffic study for these developments? What has this extra development had on emergency service response times? What good are these new businesses if we can’t
    get in or out their parking lots?

    I would like to propose a halt on all current and future development until the traffic issue can be studied thoroughly. I know that the extra tax dollars look good to the city council, but I can’t see how the happiness of this community is worth the money. Please, halt the development and provide more access in and out these areas before continuing with these projects.

    Shawn Hagan

    • Sara Pointe Resident on January 4, 2023 at 10:37 pm

      Has anyone reconsidered the stop light at 89th and HWY 4? With increased development, brings increased traffic…which is already a problem. This intersection is an already existing problem that will now be even worse. Consider the infrastructure like Mr Hagar mentioned. More housing…more people…more children…schools and roads over crowded with only more to come. The “Vision” has been lost Mustang.

  2. Lana Coursey on January 4, 2023 at 7:29 pm

    We can not even get a decent steak house in Mustang! We only get below poverty crap. When is this going to change?

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