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School board candidate forum set for Jan. 23

By Jeff Harrison
Midwest City Beacon

The Mid-Del Association of Classroom Teachers will host a candidate forum for an upcoming Mid-Del School Board election.

The event will take place from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 23 at the Mid-Del Technology Center, 1621 Maple Dr. in Midwest City.

The public will have an opportunity to learn about candidates for the Mid-Del School Board Office No. 3 election. They will be able to submit questions for the candidates at the event. A moderator will also ask prepared questions.

Lynnette Dean, Daniel Shaffer, and Gina Standridge each filed for the open seat that includes much of Del City and the southeast portion of the district.
The primary election is set for Feb. 14. A general election, if needed, will be April 4. The office is a five-year-term.

All three candidates have been invited to participate.

The school board seat is currently being held by Jimmie Nolen. The longtime board member announced she was not planning to seek reelection after serving for 23 years.


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  1. Clair Pahlavi on February 12, 2023 at 7:04 pm

    The only information I have found is
    1. one woman is a business professional,
    2. nothing about Schaffer, and
    3. Standridge is career leftist woke teacher all for exactly the things parents don’t want for their kids, she’s against school-choice, and parents being able to afford to place their own children in private schools.
    She’s for more funding indebtedness to promote Critic Race (hate) Theory, 1619 re-history, gender-fluid safe-places, cronysocialism, monopolistic totalitarian propagandistic Islamo-Nazi Democrap brainwashing “education” in a distric with a 15% failure-to-graduate rate.
    No telling what the rest learned. Apparently it’s not mathematics, geography, chemistry, physics, languages except Spanish, or even how to read.
    The teachers have been the bullies shoving their secular perversions down the throats of little kids. No wonder the recent student word description for disordered, messed up, way wrong, etc. is now “Gay” or “That’s gay.” They rebelled against the woke.
    Parents might want do the same.
    It’s difficult for a voter to decide when there is a lack of published information about what views a candidate has, previous political affliations, and whether they condone “mostly peaceful protesting”, race-hate, pedophillia and grooming students forced-by-law to be in their custody daily.
    FakeNews is the worst news.
    Help us out, please. We all need some access to depth, political party, philosophy of education, goals the students should achieve to enter “legal adulthood”, (which should be 21, again).
    Right now the public education monopoly is doing the opposite. 18 year olds can’t read, balance a budget, get along with others, have no job skills, and are clueless about history, science, or most useful trades. Logic, Latin, Greek, Law, most of classical education is over the heads of people with almost average IQs and an Oklahoma teaching certificate.
    All the teacher’s union teachers will gather up their votes for Standridge as a Bloc. The parents are usually unaware there is an election looming or the importance of the issues involved.
    Ignorance is not bliss.

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