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Midwest City awards $557k in community grant program

By Jeff Harrison
Midwest City Beacon

Midwest City leaders last week awarded more than half a million dollars in community grants.

The Midwest City Memorial Hospital Authority, which includes the city council members, approved funding for 13 proposals valued at $557,333through the Midwest City Community Improvement Grant Program.

The grant proposals were requested by non-profit organizations, schools, city departments, and churches.

The Midwest City Memorial Hospital Authority Trust Board of Grantors reviews grant proposals and ranks them according to guidelines. This year, the Board of Grantors received 23 grant applications. They recommended funding for 13 of the projects at a meeting in January.

The largest approved grant applications were for the Midwest City Golf Course to purchase and install a safety fence between the golf course and Joe B. Barnes Regional Park ($100,000) and the Midwest City Fire Department to purchase 82 sets of duel certified gear for fire staff ($95,000).

Two separate grant applications from the Avalon Lake Mill Creek Pond and Sundance homeowners associations were disqualified based on an opinion from the city attorney. The HOAs submitted applications to restore a detention pond ($150,000) and repair erosion and install flumes ($20,000).

At the Feb. 28 meeting, the Authority approved the items in two separate votes. Councilwoman Megan Bain recused herself from the vote on two items related to her employer Mid-Del Technology Center and Mid-Del Group Home, where her husband serves as executive director.

“I’m a little biased but they’re the best board that we’ve ever had,” said city manager Tim Lyon at the Feb. 28 meeting. “They’re doing a great job and they’re very conscientious about the review and they have a ranking structure and ratings that ranks the grants.”

Councilwoman Susan Eads echoed Lyon’s remarks.

“It’s a tough job with a lot of applications and a lot of details and they do an excellent job sorting through the projects,” she said.
Midwest City Community Improvement Grant Program aims to improve the quality of life by funding effective projects that address the diverse issues and opportunities facing the Midwest City community. The grant program is funded annually from interest the city receives from the lease of the hospital.

The projects funded included:

  • Midwest City Engineering and Construction (2): Purchase and install new benches along new Mid-America Trail ($15,000); purchase and install blue lights along new Mid-America Trail ($54,306).
  • Midwest City Police Department: Purchase trailer and speed sign for traffic data and stats ($29,837).
  • St. Matthew United Methodist Church: Purchase building materials and hire contractors to refurbish donated space. ($36,000).
  • American Legion Post 170: Automation improvements – three new computers, laptop and three printers ($5,490).
  • Midwest City Soccer Club: Purchase and install safety fence ($21,600).
  • Midwest City Fire Department: Purchase 82 sets of duel certified gear for fire staff ($95,000).
  • Carl Albert High School: PCs/Gaming equipment for new Esports program ($4,000).
  • Mission Mid-Del, Inc.: Purchase of a used box truck ($40,000).
  • Midwest City Golf Course: Purchase and install safety fence between golf course and Joe B. Barnes Regional Park ($100,000).
  • Midwest City Community Development: Restore and install original Skytrain letters at the new Atkinson Park ($50,000).
  • Mid-Del Technology Center: STEM summer camp for 6-8 grade students ($13,000).
  • Mid-Del Group Homes: Build a safe loading dock ($93,100).

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