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Toledo’s Mexican Grill moving into Mustang Road location in coming months

Toledo’s Mexican Grill is a local favorite restaurant in Mustang. The business plans to move across from Wildhorse Park in the upcoming months. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

A local favorite restaurant is moving locations within Mustang city limits.

Toledo’s Mexican Grill, currently located at 32 W Armstrong Dr. in Mustang (and owned by Manuel Toledo, Antonio Toledo and Juan Garcia), will be moving across Mustang Road from the Mustang Town Center. Manuel Toledo mentioned the move has come as the restaurant anticipates changes to the lease at the current location, pushing them toward looking for a different place.

The parking at the Toledo’s hadn’t seemed to be an issue for Toledo until the past few months when some of it was closed off.

“We’re going to be right in front of the park,” Toledo said. “It’s definitely better. We get more view, we’re just seen better there than we do behind the Luigiano’s.”

Toledo anticipates the location will fill up well when the restaurant begins operations in the new location located at 1202 N Mustang Rd.

“We are eventually going to have a full bar once we get all the permits and stuff for that,” Toledo said. “And then I think we are going to have a room for banquets for up to 100 people. That’s a whole lot better than what we had before… I think right now we sit up to 70 people, and in this new place it is going to be like 250.”

Originally, Toledo’s Mexican Grill had anticipated moving in by the end of May, but Toledo said now he thinks it will be more likely in June or July.

That comes down to when the new fire codes are met. There will be installation of a whole new sprinkler system and fire suppression system that will have to happen before the restaurant can officially open at the new spot.

Toledo said he looked around when the determination was made to relocate. So, what kept the business in Mustang?

“We love it,” Toledo said. “We love the people in Mustang. They’ve been very supportive with our small business since day one. This is the first restaurant that we’ve opened. We don’t have any other Toledo’s Mexican Grill’s. This is the first one we’ve ever done and I’ve never ran a restaurant before. My dad has managed and worked for a lot of restaurants, but he’s never owned a restaurant. So, this is the first one, and I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere else honestly.”

He also said he thinks the amount of work going into the new place is well worth it due to that support from the community.

Toledo’s Mexican Grill has about 30 employees in its current location. Toledo plans to add more employees once the new location is up and running.

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