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Mustang Hall of Fame members meet for banquet

Pat Oltermann, Carole Hanna, Carolyn Klepper, Kathy Crout, Wade Huckabay, Justin Battles, Larry Anderson, Karl Mengers, Jerry McNeil, Don Anderson, Don Cameron, Arlon Hadlock, Kevan Gentry and Dave Anderson met in the Mustang Town Center as members of the Mustang Hall of Fame on Thursday, March 16. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

A highly prominent group of Mustang citizens had some catching up to do when they met inside the Mustang Town Center on March 16.

Mustang’s Hall of Fame members of years past joined in lively discussion throughout the banquet, getting the chance to share what is going on in their lives and reminisce of memories from Mustang’s storied past.

The banquet was organized through the Mustang Chamber of Commerce. Chamber president and CEO, Renee Peerman, said the recognition of being a part of the group comes through committing to community growth and development.

“The Chamber wanted to recognize those who were in the community that had a lot to do with the growth and development of Mustang,” Peerman said.

David Anderson, inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame in 2014, took the lead of the banquet conversation and helped keep everything running on time throughout. Four tables were filled when the scheduled hall of fame members all settled into the banquet and ate a meal catered by Bob’s Catering and Concessions in Yukon.

“It was not a very big crowd, but it was a very precious crowd because it represents people who have invested their lives in our community,” Anderson said. “I love Mustang and I love the people that make up Mustang.”

As part of the evening events, the members discussed nominations for the next Mustang HOF inductee. Members then voted on a list of nominees submitted from anyone in the community for the selection, with the candidate receiving the most votes to be announced as the newest member at the Mustang Chamber Awards Banquet on April 27.

The 2022 Mustang Hall of Fame inductee, Karl Mengers, also spoke at the banquet. Mengers was announced as the newest HOF member as part of the Chamber Awards Banquet in the Venue at the Bridge Church last year.

The Hall of Fame honor is given to the people in the community who have contributed to the overall expansion and well-being of Mustang. It’s no surprise how special that distinction is its members.

“It’s really meaningful from my perspective to be in that group,” Anderson said. “…They all helped shape Mustang into the community that we love and is prospering so much.”

Mustang’s Chamber of Commerce is turning 50 years old this year, and has experienced help from members of the Mustang Hall of Fame in years past.

There was some chatting about personalized memories the members made in town as each member of the HOF had a chance to update the rest on the happenings in their lives. That resulted in a special appreciation and enjoyment from those in attendance.

“I know they look forward to getting to see each other because many of them have moved off away from the community and retired in Florida or just retired period,” Peerman said. “So, they don’t see each other all the time. It’s a way for them to get back together and reminisce. So, I think they enjoy that.”

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