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Mustang works toward pool opening

The pool is getting closer to opening to the public, with work happening ahead of a lifeguard training class May 20. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

One of the fun activities sure to draw the excitement out of families in Mustang is coming back soon.

Summer break is rapidly approaching for students in all of Mustang’s schools, and what better way is there to enjoy those precious months than at the Mustang Aquatic Center once it opens later this month.

Makenzie Huff, the Aquatics Manager for the Mustang Aquatic Center, said some of the steps
toward getting the pool opened have been completed while others have yet to happen.

“We pretty much have already got our bathrooms cleaned and about ready to go,” Huff said.
“They installed brand new sinks before the season. We have gotten the spring features and our little round baby pool repainted… We are finishing up paint as soon as this rain stops, and then we are going to be power washing. Once we’ve power washed the majority of the concrete, we’ll be pulling out all of our deck chairs and it’ll start to look more like the pool and how it’s supposed to look when it’s open.”

Along with that work, the Aquatic Center will be doing some trainings with all of the lifeguards and staff. Huff said the lifeguarding class is on May 13-14, while the shallow water lifeguard class is coming up on May 20-21.

There will also be training days throughout the week for the staff to get them trained in CPR.
Huff said all aquatics staff is required to be CPR trained. She said five to 10 employees will be at the pool when it is open.

“We have to be ready to go by May 26, and that is a really hard deadline,” Huff said. “…First, we open to our season pass holders. Our season pass holders get kind of a grand opening party that last Friday night in May. That Friday before Memorial Day. We always do that.”

Huff said the pool is officially open to the public on May 27.

The pool participated in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson for the first time last year. They encourage people to take the swimming lessons offered at the pool.

Before water can be placed in the pool, the paint has to be dry. Once the paint does get dry and water is cleared to be placed in the pool, the process will take an estimated 72 hours for the pool water to be cured and ready to be filled.

“We do need water in the pool before May 20,” Huff said. “The 20th , we’re going to be teaching that shallow lifeguarding course, and it will be taught at our facility.”

So, what are some things parents need to know ahead of the pool opening? For one, children
dropped off at the pool are required to be 13. Those younger than 13 must have a guardian
who is 18 or older present with them.

The pool capacity is 350 depending on how many kids are in the pool. That is due to having an adequate amount of surface water visible so the lifeguards can monitor the pool safely.

“I’m really excited for it (to open),” Huff said. “I’m ready for it. I feel like it always starts out at the end of the summer (when) I’m ready for it to be done and I’m ready to get to my special
events season. And then it gets to about January or February and I am ready for the pool to be open and I’m ready for warm temperatures. I’m ready to see all my summer staff again, and I’m ready to welcome the public back… It’s just really exciting to see them (the kids) all back.”

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