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Former teacher receives deferred sentence after sending nude photo and video to student

By Jeff Harrison

A former Midwest City Middle School teacher received a seven-year deferred sentence last month after sending a nude photo and video to a high school student.

Ivy Reneau, 29, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of using access to computers to violate Oklahoma statutes. She had been charged with using technology to engage in communication for sexual or prurient interest with a minor in June 2022.

According to court records, Reneau admitted that she used a computer “in a way that contributed to the delinquency of a minor.” She said the incident occurred between April 1 and May 11, 2022.

In exchange for a guilty plea, Reneau received a seven-year deferred sentence with supervision by Oklahoma Probation Services for 18 months. She was also ordered to pay $45 to the victim’s compensation fund, $100 to judicial assessment in lieu of fine and court costs.

A deferred sentence allows a defendant to have their case dismissed after successfully completing the probationary period and any conditions.

Midwest City police said Reneau sent nude photos and a video of herself to a 16-year-old student and later paid him to keep it quiet. 

She is a former teacher and girls soccer coach at Midwest City Middle School. She was in her first year of teaching at the school, officials said.

On May 11, 2022, police started the investigation and met with the victim and his mother. The boy told police he met Reneau at the Rose State College soccer field where he was practicing with the high school team. He said they became friends and talked over SnapChat. They later became “flirty” and Reneau allegedly sent several nude photos of herself as well as a video, according to an affidavit.

The student said he later asked Reneau for money not to disclose what had happened and told her he had pictures that could “ruin her career,” according to an affidavit. He said he received a total of $120 from Reneau over three different dates, and showed investigators receipts on his phone. He received the payments electronically via Cash App, the report stated.

The student said they never had a physical or sexual relationship. The student and his mother allowed police to take the phone and download its contents. Police found the nude photos on the phone, according to the affidavit.

An investigator later went to Midwest City Middle School and spoke with a school official who provided a written statement and said Reneau admitted to sending photos to the student on SnapChat.

According to an affidavit, Reneau told police she met the student through soccer and admitted to sending him nude photos of herself on SnapChat. Police asked Reneau if she had sent a video to the student, and she said it was possible. 

Reneau denied having a physical or sexual relationship with the student. She said they had talked about hanging out one time, but they “never went through with it.” She also admitted to sending the student money after he threatened to expose her.

Reneau voluntarily surrendered her phone to police, according to the report. Police found the same photos of Reneau that were on the student’s phone.

School district officials said Reneau was terminated from the district on May 11, 2022, immediately following the onset of the investigation. 

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