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Mid-Del Art Guild provides one of a kind paintings for Tiny Homes program

Karen Dickerson, Susan Schmidt, Cindy Van Kley, Kara Gardner and Judy Delaney, the leadership team for the Art Guild host their monthly meeting. PHOTO BY ALYSSA DALLEY-SCHOFIELD

By Alyssa Dalley-Schofield

Midwest City Beacon

Local artists are putting their talents to good use.

The Mid-Del Art Guild has partnered with an organization that provides temporary affordable housing for youth who are transitioning out of foster care. The artists created custom paintings for the housing.

“I’m very excited about it, I think anywhere you have art hanging on the wall just kind of makes something feel like home,” said President of the Mid-Del Art Guild Cindy Van Kley. “When somebody chooses that art, it makes it even more personal.”

Pivot, a local organization that strives to provide help and support for youth without much support in navigating life. The organization hosts a program called Tiny Homes that provides temporary affordable housing for ages 18 to 24 who find themselves without parental support. 

“Most of our clients stay in the Tiny Homes for an average of a year and a half,” said Pivot’s Manager of Marketing and Communications Elizabeth Mcleckie. “Our goal is that they are ready and stable when they move out, so it can be longer than that, as well.”

The Tiny Homes are located on 12 ½ acres at 201 NE 50th St. in Oklahoma City.

“There are currently 26 Tiny Homes, each with a unique look on the outside with a slightly different layout inside the home. Each 280-square-foot home is complete with a bed, small kitchen, eating area and bathroom – equating to manageable living space,” said Mcleckie.

The Mid-Del Art Guild artwork is currently on display at the Midwest City Library. The artwork will be on display in the library lobby this month before it is installed in the homes.

The Mid-Del Art Guild is an organization that welcomes everyone to join in creating art for fun and for purposes such as the Tiny Homes project.

“One thing about the meetings doesn’t matter what the media is, you always learn something. Can be applied to your everyday life or to your art and that’s what I enjoy,” said Mid-Del Art Guild Treasurer Kara Gardner.

The members of the Guild share commonalities when it comes to wanting to help the community and their appreciation for art.

“I think it’s wonderful because it gives them something a little special because these are all individual, they are all original, there’s no copies, no AI in it and also I think when you’re making a teenager feel special, you’re doing a good thing,” said Mid-Del Art Guild’s member at large Judy Delaney.

Mid-Del Art Guild’s Vice President, Susan Schmidt, says that being a part of the program can be beneficial to the community and that those who are interested can go to their website,, to learn more and sign up to become a member of the Guild.

Kara Gardner donates a painting of her own for the Tiny Homes program. PHOTO BY ALYSSA DALLEY-SCHOFIELD

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