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Body camera aids Del City police officers

The new Del City Police Department’s Body Worn Camera program. PHOTO PROVIDED

By Alyssa Dalley-Schofield
Midwest City Beacon

The Del City Police Department recently launched a body camera program.

The body cameras will be worn by all officers while on duty. The cameras are always recording in the background but are activated by tapping the chest. Once the officer has activated the camera, this tells the system to retrieve the past minute and continue recording everything after that with audio until stopped. 

“All uniformed Del City officers will be operating with body worn camera’s attached and activated while encountering the public during calls for service,” said Major Michael Arterbury.

This program began on May 12. The city purchased the equipment from Axon at a cost of $264,000. 

“No grant funding was utilized for the initial purchase to start this program and it was funded by the city of Del City with the approval of the City Council and city leaders,” said Arterbury. “Chief [Lloyd] Berger and his administrative staff believe that this program would offer further transparency to the public which we serve and bring our agency in line with surrounding agencies that we work with on a day to day basis.” 

Arterbury said the department has 40 individual body camera units for each officer, chargers, mounts, cables, training and data storage.

“Each officer was provided classroom training over the use and operation of the body worn camera during the implementation of the program,” said Arterbury. 

The equipment used for the new Del City Police Department’s Body Worn Camera program. PHOTO PROVIDED

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