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Del City hires landscape company

Brittany Parrott speaks to the Del City council at the June 20 meeting on behalf of the landscaping companies after the contract. PHOTO BY ALYSSA DALLEY-SCHOFIELD

By Alyssa Dalley-Schofield

Midwest City Beacon

The Del City council came to a decision on the landscaping contract for fiscal year 2023-24. The council by a 3-2 vote awarded the contract to U.S. Lawns of Oklahoma City.

The two bidders up for this award were MowHawk Lawn and Landscaping at $66,390 and U.S. Lawns of Oklahoma City at $44,348.

Ward 2 Pam Finch made the motion to grant MowHawk Lawn, the current landscaping company contracted monthly. Ward 3 Claudia Browne second the motion and when voted upon, Finch and Browne were outvoted.

The motion was made for U.S. Lawns, the lowest bidder, to be awarded. Mayor Floyd Eason, Ward 1 Michael Dean and Ward 4 Kyle Gandy voted, and U.S. Lawns won. 

U.S. Lawns will be responsible for constantly maintaining City Hall, the library, the community centers located at the 4500 block on 15th St, Edwards Park, Fire Station 1, the police department, the post office, AWACS Tornado Memorial Park, Tinker Diagonal and Townsend Pl, Mid-Del Youth and Family Center and the Pafford Building. 

Maintaining these properties include mowing, weed eating, edging, maintaining trees, shrubby, plants, flowerbeds, fertilizing/herbicide treatments and more. The contract states that these locations must be kept free of leaves, litter, clippings, and trash.

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