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Police promote, pin and honor retirees

The swearing in of four officers. PHOTO BY JEFF HARRISON

By Alyssa Dalley-Schofield

Staff Writer

From retirement to promotion to new sworn in officers, the Nick Harroz Community Center hosted a ceremony honoring these officers on June 28.

Midwest City Police Chief Sid Porter, the main speaker for the ceremony, read speeches each officer prepared.

The first honored was the retired Captain Darrell Miller. He began his career as a rookie in 2003, was promoted to police officer in 2004, then sergeant in 2007, lieutenant in 2017 and captain in 2020.

“Thanks for letting me do my 20 years, sometimes God opens different doors for you. I mean I thought I would be doing this for 30 years but apparently God had other plans for me,” said Miller.


The next and last retired officer honored was Captain Roger Ross. He started at the department in March 1989, he then joined the SWAT team in 1991.

While on the SWAT team he was an entry team, team leader, sniper, supervisor, and eventually commander and served for 30 years. He was then promoted to detective in 1999, sergeant/lieutenant in 2004 and captain in 2020.

“The biggest takeaway are the relationships, everybody city wide, people you can depend on. I thank everybody for their support over the years and their guidance,” said Ross.


Matthew Clawson was next, promoted to Captain. Clawson graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2010 and began working for the department on Nov. 1, 2010.

“I met Matt probably when he was 20 years old and he found out who I was and told me he wanted to be a police officer and I said ‘Hey why don’t you come over to Midwest City, I’ll get you a ride along over there,’” said Porter. “He came over here and he loved it so much that he did a few more and then he said ‘I want to work with that agency.’”

He began as a patrol officer and found a passion in the K9 unit. He was then promoted to lieutenant on December 1, 2018.

“Thank you to Roger and Darrell, y’all have shaped so many people here. I really appreciate you guys,” said Clawson.


The next honored were four officers being sworn in. Starting off with officer Paul Laura, who moved from Wisconsin and started with the department in 2022 pursuing his dream career of helping his community. 

The second officer was Taylor Wise who was born in Arkansas, joined the marine corps out of high school as a radio operator. After he retired from active duty, he and his family moved to Oklahoma and after two years he joined the department.

Officer Matthew Gates was honored next. Born in Spencer, Oklahoma, Gates graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelors in criminal justice and coached football and taught at his alma mater for 12 years before coming to the department.

Lastly, officer Keith Lackey who is not so new to the police force. Lackey was an officer at another department for eight and a half years.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be here and I’m happy to be here,” said Lackey.

Assistant Police Chief Greg Wipfli recited the oath for both the promotion and the swearing in of the four new officers.

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