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City of Minco Mayor & Marshal elections set for September 12

Vice Mayor Susan Hollandsworth speaks at a previous City of Minco council meeting.

Following the resignations of the City of Minco’s mayor and police chief, the City of Minco will vote Tuesday, September 12 on both positions.
Among the city business discussed at the regularly scheduled City of Minco council meeting Monday was the date of election for the two offices.
The acting Mayor, Vice Mayor Susan Hollandsworth, says she will probably run for the office, but is not quite certain yet.
In Minco’s Aldermanic form of government, acting police chief Frederick Johnson is not eligible to run for Police Chief, which is also referred to as Marshal, since Chief Johnson does not live in city limits.
Interim Mayor Susan Hollandsworth said Tuesday morning, “In the Aldermanic form of government, the type of municipality that we are, the mayor and the chief have to live here for six months. And then when we elect a chief, he will have to, if he’s not CLEET certified, he’ll have six months to get CLEET certified. If we have no one, then we’re going to try and change it where we can appoint them.”
The city’s mayor and police chief resigned shortly after the decisions by the council to cut the city’s police budget, and fire the city attorney. The mayor’s and police chief’s letters of resignation were posted on the Times’ Facebook page, in which they each stated they were unhappy with the direction the council was headed.
Since then, the city has hired Bryce Kennedy as its city attorney.
Hollandsworth shared her thoughts on the issue regarding the police budget.
“The police budget was way out of control,” she said. “It was $588,000 a year, and for the last two years, they’ve had that kind of a budget, and they asked for $80,000 more every year. It was just out of control and the old mayor thought it was acceptable and a lot of citizens did not believe it was right.”
Hollandsworth mentioned some of the places that money could be redirected, saying, “In town, as far as the looks of it. We’re trying to take code enforcement more seriously. Before, some people were not allowed to be code enforced against, and now we’re code enforcing everyone, not just some people.
“We hired a water clerk, which we’ve been needing for several months.
“Since the last administration was in, he never changed one water line. He finished a water project from the previous mayor and then no other water was ever replaced, and then the sewer fell into disrepair and he really wasn’t looking to finish it. We can start getting fined for the sewer. We’re really in bad shape, and that’s a fine of like $10,000 a day. We got a grant for a million dollars and we’re going to start doing that, fixing the sewer and then hopefully in the future, we can start back on the water.”

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  1. Ryke Merrill on August 3, 2023 at 10:41 pm

    When I moved here in 2019, the water made me sick, but I had been drinking very good clean water from the Tennessee river! So I made trips to Mustang every month to fill up 30 gallon jugs to use for my drinking. I did finally just by a very expensive water filter, so I filter probably 4 gallons of drinking water a day!

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