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School administrators promoted

By Jeff Harrison
Managing Editor

The Mid-Del School Board recently approved promotions for three district administrators and updated other titles and roles. 

Superintendent Rick Cobb requested the changes to help better align the experience and duties of several district administrators.

The three biggest changes included promotions for LaShonda Broiles, Pam Huston and Andy Collier. 

Broiles was moved from assistant superintendent of instruction to deputy superintendent of instruction. She will serve as the district’s second in line behind Superintendent Rick Cobb. It will also reflect duties she currently handles.

Huston who served as chief human resources officer, added the title of assistant superintendent. Cobb said that had traditionally been an assistant superintendent position when the person in the role holds superintendent certification. He said it also reflects the load carried by Huston.

Collier’s title changed from director of student activities to executive director of athletics and student activities. Collier supervises and coordinates all athletics across the district, serves on regional and statewide committees, and works many hours.

The three will receive salary increases, but the district will not set new salary schedules for administrators until after completing negotiations with certified employees. Cobb said the total cost of the raises will be about $23,700.

The board also changed the title of director of diversity, equity and student services to director of student services. The position is currently held by Heather Graham. Cobb said the move reflects the work that Graham has been performing and aligns her position with other leadership roles that directly impact instruction.

Other changes include moving the executive director of teaching and learning under the supervision of the deputy superintendent, and director of student accounting under supervision of the assistant superintendent/chief human resources officer.

The board approved the changes by a 4-1 vote at the July 10 meeting. Board member Gina Standridge voted against the item due to concerns about costs. 

“I still have the same concerns that I’ve voiced all along,” Standridge said. “By creating a new position that’s not going to sit well by some in the educational community. And I think the money could be better spent in our schools.”

The school board discussed the item at the past two meetings. It first appeared on the June 12 agenda.  Standridge believed each of the positions should be discussed and voted on separately. The board agreed to table the item until a special meeting on June 28.

At that special meeting, the board discussed the three promotions during an executive session. The other changes to the organizational chart were not discussed. Ed Daniel, board member, said he agreed with Cobb’s request.

“We’re not just looking at this as a promotion for the sake of a promotion but we’re looking at right sizing the organization so that Dr. Cobb can do his job at his level and run the district in an efficient manner with the personnel that he has,” Daniel said.

Standridge said she trusted Cobb’s decision but abstained from the vote.

The board then brought the item back again on July 10 to approve changes to the organizational chart.

The changes were effective July 1. 

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