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Experience the Arrow Electric Difference

Arrow Electric provides commercial and residential services, including industrial, oilfield, electric vehicle chargers, generator installation, regular maintenance, and more.

Arrow Electric began in 2020 when owner/operator Lionis Wilson earned his contractor’s license, and started the company with his business partner Brian Homer. Arrow Electric employs six people.
Wilson has been working in the electrical industry since 2009, and after 11 years working for someone else, Arrow Electric was born.

Wilson said Monday, July 24, “I wanted the freedom to go to my son’s and my daughter’s activities, and I wanted to be in charge of my life in comparison to working for the man.”
Willing to do the hard work it took to get there, Wilson explained, “I had some really good role models in my life, mentors, role models, people I look up to. I like to surround myself with people that are more successful. You surround yourself with successful people, then you’ll eventually start their same habits and become successful yourself.”
Arrow Electric is Generac certified, and can handle everything from ground up to finish on a new building, troubleshooting, and any and all electrical issues, however, Wilson said, “the big part is getting to know people, and I like building relationships with people. I met this lady and she didn’t really have anything going on. I was able to fix her up within 20 minutes. It was her kitchen plug that wasn’t working. Anyway, she lost her husband about 12 years ago. The job took me 20 minutes, but I was there an hour and a half. We had a cup of coffee and we talked, and she laughed, I laughed, and I think that’s more important than just working and making money. I like building relationships, and now that lady is my friend.”
That’s something that might not have happened if Wilson was working for somebody else who wanted him to head on over to another job as fast as possible.
One of the underutilized services Arrow Electric provides are panel inspections and switching over lights from fluorescent to LED.
“A lot of people have fluorescent lights in their house,” Wilson said, “and if they could change those over from fluorescent to LEDs, they’d save a tremendous amount of money as well. Those are the little things that people don’t think about. Another thing a lot of people don’t think about are exterior lights. We put security lights on people’s houses to help with their peace of mind, so they can see at night when they come and go. There are quite a few things like that you don’t really think about.”
Veterans, military, first responders, and teachers get $250 off a whole home generator installation.

“That’s important to us,” Wilson said. “That’s always been there and that’ll never go away and then, here come August, we’re going to host an event. I’ve gotten this local coffee shop here, and we’re going to go in with them and we’re going to make a day where military veterans, first responders, and teachers can just go get a coffee on us.”
Arrow Electric’s service area includes Grady County, Canadian County, Cleveland County, Oklahoma County, Logan County, and McClain County, but is willing to go further.

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