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Two Mustang residents injured in crash

By Jacob Sturm

UPDATE (8-2-23): The Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Diane Surber passed away from the injuries sustained in the crash Wednesday evening.


Two Mustang residents were transported to the OU Medical Center following a crash on the John Kilpatrick Turnpike on Tuesday.

At about 6:46 a.m., Diane Surber, 76, was driving a 2021 Toyota Corolla when the vehicle departed the road to the left for an unknown reason while striking a cable barrier.

According to the OHP Central Regional Communications Center, which provided the report from the responding officer, the vehicle came to rest about 130 feet from the point of impact. The vehicle was heading northbound near 23rd street in Oklahoma City. The location is inside Canadian County, too.

The officer also received assistance from the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Oklahoma City Fire Department and EMSA.

Francis Surber, a 75-year-old passenger in the vehicle, sustained internal trunk injuries due to the crash. OHP’s information indicates that he was admitted in serious condition.

Diane Surber was admitted with head injuries and internal trunk injuries. According to the OHP information, she was admitted in critical condition.

Airbags were deployed and seatbelts were equipped and in use by both passengers.

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