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Hidden Lake Estates preliminary plat application approved by city officials

Plat version City Councilors looked at during their August meeting. (Photo provided)

By Jacob Sturm

A new single-family home development received preliminary plat approval from the Mustang
City Council on Aug. 1.

Hidden Lake Estates, which will be located north of the Mustang Marketplace development,
applied for and received the approval from city officials to proceed with the planning stage of
the development.

Ryan Conner, the Mustang City Planner, said the developers are given two years after the
preliminary plat is given to them to finish and come back to council for the final plat. He said
that time will be closer to when the construction gets underway for any potential project down
the road.

“It’s hit or miss sometimes (on how quick the developers will proceed to the building phase),”
Conner said. “It’s really (on) each developer. Sometimes they get their preliminary plat, which
means they’ve already paid a lot of money in engineering costs and all of the drainage studies
to show that this is how they’re going to build it… They have a good plan in place. And so,
usually they’re going to start soon.”

He said the preliminary plat goes through the fine details on where each lot is going to be and
mentions the streets and utilities.

Conner indicated if the developer is going to spend that type of money, the thought is that they
would be starting soon. He did, however, mention developments like Arbor Creek that have not
come forward to the city with plans to start building the development, making the
development’s next steps sit in more of a limbo.

Conner also estimated the total build out would be at least half a year if not more before
people could expect to see homes go up, if the developer continued to make progress and start
the next step of the project soon.

So, what does a preliminary plat do to help a development’s process along?

According to Conner, the first step is the zoning. In this projects instance, the rezoning has
already happened, with the intention being to allow for the developer to identify the types of
developments that could be placed on the land.

With Hidden Lake Estates, the expectation is for 213 single-family houses. When it gets to the
platting stage of the process, which has started following the Mustang city council approving the application on Aug. 1, the city makes sure the plans for the development continue to follow
the city code.

There is also a lot of work for the developers now that the preliminary plat application was
approved. Conner said he would expect the city to hear back from the developer in the next
few months.

“Right now is probably going to be their homework time to start putting bids and things
together to get contractors,” Conner said. “And once they have all of those done, they’ll come
back with the final plat. And the final plat would be approved and then they would start

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