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MPS teachers shown support through sponsored orientation meal

Rhonda Oltermann and a plethora of new teachers surround a table during teacher orientation. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

Teachers filed into the Mustang Performing Arts Center and were met with a prepared meal as
part of the teacher orientation on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

The meal, sponsored by Karl and Rhonda Oltermann from Coldwell Banker SELECT, along with
Dauphin Mortgage Team/Stride Mortgage Aimee Dauphin and Old Republic Title’s Dana Kinder,
was inspired through the connection with Mustang Superintendent Charles Bradley at an early
morning gathering called Positive Posse happening once a week at Mustang’s Town Center.

“What really started it, I attend Positive Posse on Tuesday mornings and Charles Bradley usually
comes to those,” Karl Oltermann said. “And he’s always mentioning that they’re short on
teachers… Since I graduated from Mustang in 1984, it’s always been close to my heart because
they are the reason that I am who I am, the teachers that I had, and the respect that I have for
teachers, that career is something that everyone should respect. It’s a calling beyond callings to
do what they do every day.”

“We just wanted to support them,” Karl Oltermann said. “We love to support the community,
and we want all the new teachers to know that the community is behind them, whether it’s a
business or the Chamber or whoever it is. (We want them to know) that the community is
behind the Mustang teachers, and they have the Mustang community’s support.”

Mustang’s Chamber of Commerce puts together Welcome bags for all the new teachers to the
Mustang Public School District. Karl mentioned that Rhonda was helping put the bags together
and learned that the teachers gather at the Mustang Performing Arts Center for orientation.

That eventually led to Rhonda contacting the district and setting up the opportunity to provide
lunch for the orientation as part of the KO Realty Team through Coldwell Banker SELECT, while
partnering with Dauphin and Old Republic Title.

The Oltermann’s have a child going to a school within the Mustang school district, with Karl
mentioning the impacts those teachers have had for their family through school.

“We have a second grader in Centennial… (and) she still talks about those teachers,” Karl
Oltermann said. “There’s still times that we know that teachers taught her this, and she goes
back to it and either repeats it or sings the song that they taught her. So, we’ve already seen it
(the positive impact of her teachers), and she’s only been in school for two years.”

The KO Realty Team stresses the importance of educating people on real estate. Karl Oltermann
said they want to make sure their clients understand the entire process, while helping them
assess all the options they have.

For those looking to buy a home, they can reach the KO Realty Team at and or call Karl at 405-812-4205
and Rhonda at 405-306-7105.

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