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Mustang Chamber holds Crout Classic golf tournament

The Tanner E. Rice law team competed at the Mustang Chamber golf tournament on Monday morning in Blanchard.

By Jacob Sturm

Winter Creek golf course in Blanchard served as the host for the Mustang Chamber of
Commerce annual Crout Classic Golf Tournament Scholarship Fundraiser on Monday morning.

The event, which drew 30 teams in 2023, has seen the most participants the Chamber has ever
had for the tournament.

Renee Peerman, the Mustang Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, said the tournament
was started as a fun golf tournament taking place in the Spring. The event was renamed after
Robert Crout following his passing due to his impact on the Chamber Board of Directors and in
the community.

The tournament does have some additional elements for participants. That includes mini-
games at multiple holes to help shave the scores down for all groups. Those operations were
well-received and made for a good contribution to the Chamber from the teams competing on
the course Monday.

“We try to make it fun and let the players take advantage of a lot of little games along the way
while they play,” Peerman said. “Those games help them take a couple of strokes off their
score. And so, they can take advantage of things like a duck pond, Happy Gilmore shots or… a
giant dice game on one of the holes.”

Winter Creek served as the host for the tournament, and has received a good response from
the Chamber members who have attended and participated in the golf in the past.
Peerman spoke to the large amount of people who signed up and showed out for the
tournament on Monday.

“I think it’s great,” Peerman said. “It’s a way for them to just get out and take a mental health
day and enjoy the course, and let off some steam playing a round of golf. I think that a lot of
teams are participating partly because it is a scholarship fundraiser for the students. There’s
that additional incentive for them to help not only the Chamber, but our students as well.”

Those scholarships will be given during the Chamber Awards banquet. Students can start
applying for those scholarships in January and have until the end of March to submit
application. The scholarship committee will then review those applications and score them
before they are awarded.

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