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Tuttle Ag Barn hosts first livestock show

Tuttle’s new ag barn held its inaugural livestock show as part of the Tuttle Fair Saturday morning.
Tuttle Ag Instructor CL McGill said he loves it.
“It went very good, very smooth,” McGill said of the livestock show. “The amenities were great. I love the new facility. It’s a little smaller but it’s put together a little bit better, just as far as where stuff is at and everything. We’re going to get to use it for more. We’re going to distribute our Blue & Gold sausage and T&D meats out of there. We’re going to have the student auction in there, and we’re highly considering doing the FFA banquet in there. It is not air conditioned but the banquet is in early May, so I think it’ll still be cool enough that it will be okay to have it in there. We’ve got those four great big fans in there that do a pretty good job of moving air around. I thought it was nice. I was very appreciative for the community for the continued support of the students and the cake auction.”
The cake auction generated $26,225 this year.
About 20 kids participated in the livestock show, but McGill said he will expect more for the spring livestock show. With the Tuttle Fair out of the way, those with show animals will move on to the Northern District Fair next week in Amber, and then the county fair the week after that in Chickasha Thursday, August 24 through Saturday, August 26.
“Not as many kids show in the fall as they do in the spring anymore,” the ag instructor said. “Most of those kids will go over to Northern District, that’ll be Saturday.
“County is the next week, the sheep and goats are on Thursday (starting at 4 p.m.), pigs are Friday (at 5 p.m.), and then cattle and the Farmhand Olympics are Saturday at 1 p.m.”

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