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Tuttle man charged with sending sexually explicit messages to minor

Jared Allen Titler, 22, of Tuttle, was arrested on a warrant out of Okaloosa County in Florida Saturday, June 10 on one charge of Unlawful Use of Two-Way Communications Device to Facilitate the Commission of a Felony, and 34 charges of Transmission of Harmful Materials to a Minor.

The charges stem from allegations that Titler sent sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old girl in Florida between April 9 and May 6.

Crestview Police Department Officer Christopher Lewis investigated the case, and according to his warrant affidavit, began investigating the case on May 12 when he was provided with the minor’s cell phone. Officer Lewis discovered 34 communications in the victim’s Discord messages that the officer felt warranted a charge.

Allegedly, Titler began communicating with the minor on April 5, telling the underage girl that he is 22, and asking if she’s comfortable with his age.

Officer Lewis said in his report, “Within the first few messages, the defendant makes a reference that the victim is ‘very mature for her age.’ It should be noted there were over 4,000 messages exchanged between the victim and the defendant ranging from April 5 to May 11. In the course of the messages, the victim and the defendant engaged in the exchange of sexually explicit images.”

There were also videos and text messages of a graphic sexual nature.

Once the warrant for Titler’s arrest was granted, Tuttle PD was contacted to arrest the suspect. Titler was working for the City of Tuttle as a Fiber Optics Installer.

Following his arrest, Titler was then transported to Okaloosa County Jail where he was booked in Saturday, June 10. Titler was given a $20,000 bond and bonded out Monday, June 14. Since his release, Titler has had to wear a GPS ankle monitor. Titler has a pretrial conference date of August 28.

Titler has plead not guilty.

At the time of his arrest, Titler was working for the City of Tuttle as a Fiber Optics Installer, but was let go following the charges.

Since his release from jail, he is now employed at the Grady County District 1 Barn, where his mother and uncle work as office manager and first deputy, respectively.

Titler lives in close proximity to Tuttle Middle School.

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