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Total Door Solutions: We lift you up when you’re down

By Jayson Knight



Total Door Solutions has been around since March of 2021.
Owner/operator Blake Tabler has been in the garage door industry for over a decade, and he runs a trusted, experienced, and insured company that specializes in urgent 24/7 garage door repair services and personalized solutions for every customer.
Tabler was raised in Mustang and is a Class of 2009 Mustang graduate. Shortly after he graduated, Tabler got right to work and hasn’t stopped.
Scrolling near the bottom of his website’s homepage at, there are numerous reviews of his work, including Nathan V. from Mustang, who said, “Blake was quick, professional, and courteous. He did not pressure us into buying more of a garage door than what we needed, was able to come out within 24 hours and give us options for repairing our garage door.”
Tabler discussed Thursday, September 7 how he got into running his own business.
“I decided I wanted to approach the field in a different way,” he said, “and be able to run things the way I want to, in a more efficient way that’s better for our customers. When we first go up to a customer, we always come with a smile, always, because we’re happy to be there. We’re always very, very honest and reliable. I enjoy the freedom of being able to interact with customers the way I want to, and I always had a love for business, so I just stepped out, and went and did it.”
Tabler says most of his jobs are emergency spring repair on garage doors.
“We specialize in residential and commercial garage doors and garage door openers,” he said. “Mostly people call me over a lot to service a lot of springs that break. They have to be replaced before that door can go up and down again, so my main calls are just spring jobs.”
As far as his coverage area, Tabler services all the local communities around Mustang.
“We take care of people mainly in Oklahoma City,” he said, “but we love to stay local. We’re based out of the Mustang area, so we try our hardest to treat our locals very, very well and be honest, because that’s our reputation and word spreads pretty fast. We do everything we can to make sure everything’s right the first time.”
Total Door Solutions offer a variety of choices when it comes to the materials for your garage door:
Steel is the most durable material, and therefore it is one of the most popular styles. It does not require much maintenance; however, you can choose to paint it any color to match your home’s exterior look. The steel comes in single, double, and triple layers, depending on the amount of insulation you want.
Custom wood doors are less durable but are very popular for their natural beauty.
Fiberglass doors are a great option for ocean climates and look very stylish.
Anodized aluminum and glass doors provide a clean and modern look. They also have excellent maintenance qualities and stand up well in harsh environments. Contact Total Door Solutions for detailed information to help you decide on the right materials.
Your garage door is an important element to the exterior of your home, and it should reflect your personal style. Our design experts can help you choose a door that will fit with your home’s architecture and the style of your neighborhood. The style and appearance of the garage door can have a lot of influence on your curb appeal and home value.
Total Door Solutions can help you design the perfect look for your home with one or several of these style components. Some styles are more subtle while some will help you create a unique impression for your home or business.
For more information about Total Door Solutions, and for a free quote, call Tabler at (405) 822-3113 or find Total Door Solutions on Facebook.

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