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Mid-Del runners compete at Choctaw, Bethany meets

Del City’s Dimitri Kizer runs in the Bethany Bronchos Invitational. Photo by Jeff Harrison

By John Martin
Midwest City Beacon

Ashlee Davison posted a 21:15.23 for the No. 10 spot at the Choctaw Jacket Run at Choctaw Creek Park on Friday to pace the Lady Titans of CA to a third place finish in the team race.
She was joined on the Top 20 medal stand y No. 11 Sarah Hobrecht in 22:22.25, No. 15 Nicole Collins in 23:24.42, No. 16 Layla Straka in 23:38.40 and Katie Barahoma No. 19 in 23:53.40.

Displacers were Kiunna Shaw and Kaitlyn Allen.

KOEN WAGNER led the Titan boys as usual with a No.11 medal in 17:59.26 followed by No. 14 Toby Phillips in18:12.15 and No. 20 Samuel Blough in 19:57.23 for medals. Solomon Bowen posted a 20:08.15 and Kaiden Harrison had a 21:13.51.

Displacers for the Titans were Ira Bell and Ethan Luong.

JV GIRLS were led by Brianna Galindo No. 2 in 25:43.09, No. 6 Kamden Hawkins in 26:18.07, No. 9 Makya Frost in 27:38.4, No. 10 Tamia Swindall in 27:39.03 and Delilah McBride in 27:51.57.
Carter Reese led the Titan JV Boys to a third place finish with a No. 9 posting of 19:13.14. Riley McMahon was No. 14 in 20:57.18, Joseph Robinson No. 15 in 21:17.49, No. 17 Shane McLung in 21:28.3 and Brandon Patterson was No. 18 in21:31.87. The displacers were Ethan Darnell and Israel Johnson.

DEL CITY competed at the Bethany Invitational on Friday and were led by Tyler Means in 20:43.46 and Dimitri Kizer in 20:53.66. Also running for the Eagles were Eli Cheves in 21:13.15, Alfredo Carrion in 21:16.43 and Deandre Wallace in 21:30.72 with Dominic Moio and Nathan Green the displacers.

The JV boys were led by Evan Colbert in 21:12.96, Kelin Kearney in 21:40.42 and Emanel Amador-Rosales in 21:52.92. They were joined in the action by David Wright in 22:08.99 and Camden Ross in 2:11.10 with the displacers Hunter West and Jacobi Wormsley.

JAKIA JOHNSON led the JV Girls race at Bethany with a No.33 finish in 16:56.03. She was joined by Deraya Collier in 16:56.44, Danica Puckett in 17:29.25, Seriiya Johnson-Smallwood in 18:42.331 and Taylor Moore in 20:33.44 with Takira Spicer and Deyona Simmons as displacers.

MWC BOMBERS also participated at Bethany with Peyton Seber posting a time of 20:29.01 in the JV Boys division while senior Rhianna Ball had a time of 29:39.12 in the girls competition.

Midwest City’s Tatyana Jones and Mikayla Freeman compete in the Bethany Bronchos Invitational last Friday. Photo by Jeff Harrison

Carl Albert’s Abigail Nolen tries to keep pace with Choctaw’s Layla King at the 2023 Jacket Run. Photo by Bob Whitaker

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