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Mustang continuing to grow commercially & residentially

New homes are being constructed in the Canyons housing addition in Mustang. PHOTO BY JAYSON KNIGHT

By Jayson Knight

As the City of Mustang grows, so does the number of people wanting homes in the community. Several subdivisions were featured in City Manager Timothy Rooney’s September report, available at

A residential Preliminary Plat has been approved for a subdivision titled Hidden Lake Estates. It contains 213 single-family lots on 75.73 acres. The area is northeast of the Wal-Mart property. A Preliminary Plat has been approved for Mustang Highlands, a duplex community northeast of Wal-Mart, east of Locke Supply. The plat contains 22 lots on 7.71 acres for 44 dwelling units.

A final plat has been approved for the next phase of Hunter’s Hill 5 Addition on N Clear Springs Road. The plat contains 79 residential lots. Water and Sewer line testing has been approved. Paving and Storm Water infrastructure has been completed. A final plat for Wild Horse Canyon 3 has been approved. The plat contains 108 lots. Water and Sewer line testing has been approved. Paving has not yet begun.

Community Development Director Melissa Helsel shared Friday some of the reasons she thinks so many people want to move to Mustang.

“Number one, we have great schools,” Helsel said. “People really want their kids enlisting in Mustang Public Schools. Number two, we have a really high quality of life. The City really focuses on preserving quality of life for the residents, and we’ve done that for 25 or 30 years. I’ve been here about 22 years, and it’s paid off. I think people just get a sense of that. Mustang also still has a good mix of rural agricultural and then suburban residential, and the amenities that go with it.”

“The City of Mustang has a code of ordinances that has certain standards in it for any kind of development, and builders just have to follow those rules. We are sticklers for making sure that they do. They are in place predominantly for public safety, and to ensure quality. I think that’s another reason why people want to move to Mustang, because they know that we have a quality product here.”

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