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GCSO shut down oilfield theft with short pursuit

By Jayson Knight

Yesterday afternoon, Grady County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Robert Ague overheard GCSO Lt. Danny Booth dispatched to a break-in call on an oilfield site located in southern Grady County.

Lt. Ague said in his official report that he heard dispatch state the appearance of the suspect vehicle. Dispatch stated the reporting party had watched the vehicle enter the property on camera.

Lt. Ague arrived on scene and noticed the gate was open to the site. He drove into the location and observed a pickup matching the description driving toward him.

The vehicle was occupied with two white males, it continued to drive toward the deputy, and he activated his emergency lights. The vehicle then accelerated and went past Ague on the driver’s side, exiting the property.

Lt. Ague activated his siren and advised dispatch he was in pursuit of the vehicle.

The pursuit exited the property and turned west on County Road 1420 toward Caddo County.

Lt. Ague pursued the vehicle approximately a quarter of a mile when the vehicle pulled over at another oil site, and the driver exited the vehicle.

Lt. Ague exited the patrol unit and drew his service weapon, ordering the driver, Harley Justin Adams, to sit back in his vehicle with his hands up.

Lt. Ague said in his report, “I noticed the passenger to have his hands raised and could see they were empty. The passenger was later identified as Michael Lionel St. Pierre. Adams continued to move and drop his hands. I had to continue advising him to get his hands up. I ordered Adams to the ground with his arms out to his side with palms up. Lt. Danny Booth arrived on scene and handcuffed both Adams and St. Pierre. I was conducting a pat search of Adams. I had asked Adams why he stopped. He stated he knew he couldn’t outrun me. I asked if it was because of the flat tire on the driver side rear. Adams stated, ‘Yes and I knew I couldn’t outrun you.’ Both were checked for weapons and placed in Lt. Booth’s unit. I observed several pieces of steel oil pipe fittings, oilfield bolts and nuts in the back of the pickup truck. I returned to my unit and started to check both for warrants and drivers license information. GCSO Captain Bellan Gornick and GCSO Sgt. Stacy Carpenter had arrived on scene. Capt. Gornick advised a Crown Royal bag was located in the vehicle containing several 410 shotgun rounds and 22 caliber rounds. Several pictures were taken of the property and pickup. The reporting party arrived on scene and identified the property in the back of the pickup as belonging to the oil site he works for.

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