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Mustang Masonic Lodge invested in Mustang community groups

Alicia Wharry, Lynden Wharry and Travis Schnelle work the Mustang FFA event at Mustang Masonic Lodge during a breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 28. (Photo by Rick McDaniel)

By Jacob Sturm

Two weekends each month, Mustang Masonic Lodge has been dedicated to fundraising for
different groups in the community through breakfast meals.

That was the case this past weekend, where members of the Mustang FFA were up for the
fundraiser. Rick McDaniel, the Senior Warden at the Mustang Masonic Lodge, also mentioned
the Lodge will next host a fundraiser through breakfast in December due to the Thanksgiving
Holiday for the MHS Pom Squad.

“Starting in the New Year, we have a full roster of breakfast’s set up for everybody from the
Mustang Police Department to the Track and Field, Girl Scouts, Rainbow Girls Assembly (and

The Lodge also has special events like blood drives, a childhood ID program, vision screenings
and other community service related projects.

The breakfast fundraisers was a decision made an estimated 20 years ago, with McDaniel
mentioning the Lodge instituted soon after the building was built was the pretty regular
breakfast fundraiser.

“It’s a pretty common thing throughout all the Lodges here in Oklahoma is to have a breakfast
or other type of dinner type of fundraiser because it gets people out, it gets people to the
location but it also is a nice way of sitting down and enjoying a meal with your friends, family
and other coworkers a lot of times,” McDaniel said.

The breakfast is $10 per plate, with McDaniel mentioning the portion sizes are large.

That community involvement is exceptionally important to the Mustang Masonic Lodge, with
the group saying they look to make good men better, and that comes through encouragement
of civic involvement.

“One of our primary cornerstones of masonry is community involvement,” McDaniel said. “We
treasure all of our community outreach programs however we wind up doing them because we
have other avenues in doing fundraisers, but our particular lodge wants to reach out to these
organizations because it provides us and them with a way of providing a value-added tool to
their fundraising activities that a lot of people enjoy.”

Due to their long-standing work in Mustang, McDaniel said the group has a long list of groups
and organizations that they have a relationship with. The COVID pandemic lost some of those relationships, with McDaniel mentioning the Lodge has been working steadfast to rebuild those

“We’ve had a relationship with a lot of these organizations for a number of years, and we try to
just continue to foster that relationship by providing the space and providing a charitable
opportunity that we can foster this growth with the organizations,” McDaniel said.

Interested in joining the Mustang Masonic Lodge? McDaniel said to reach out to or visit the Mustang Masonic Lodge on Facebook or Instagram.
Requirements to join include being a man over 18 and to have a belief in God or another form
of a higher power.

Mustang’s Masonic Lodge has about 200 members, with members coming from Mustang and
other areas of the state.

“It’s all about finding a place where you’re most comfortable,” McDaniel said. “We encourage
new members to come and visit, enjoy a meal with us on Lodge nights. We meet on the first
and third Thursdays at 7 o’clock, and we have a dinner at 6.”

Masonic Lodge members cook for most of the breakfast fundraisers and can expect to
participate in the activities as members.

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