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Tuttle starting playoffs at home 7 p.m. Friday

Photos by Rachelle Rogers, RSP Photography

Tuttle senior linebacker Joe Wright (40) wraps up a Classen ballcarrier Thursday, November 2. Tuttle won 23-0, and will host Weatherford Friday at 7 p.m.

Tuttle defender Holden Conner (10) brings down a Classen ballcarrier Thursday, November 2. Tuttle won 23-0, and will host Weatherford Friday at 7 p.m.

Tuttle junior running back Brady McAdoo (11) runs in a touchdown for the Tigers Thursday, November 2 in a 23-0 win over the Classen Comets.

By Jayson Knight

Tuttle made quick work of Classen SAS Thursday, advancing to 8-2 on the season.

Tuttle Head Football Coach Brad Ballard said just after the game, “We ran six plays on offense and probably about that many on defense and we were there 40 minutes and won 23-0.”

Classen was having a hard time on and off the football field.

“They were having problems with electricity and they didn’t feel like they could get it to stop shutting down,” Coach Ballard said, “and it was going to happen all night. It was their senior night, so I told their coach we would do whatever they felt like they needed to do. They offered to be done, and it’d be 23-0, and it was a chance for us to get out there, and stay healthy, and go home early. I think everybody got what they needed out of it and we’re headed home.”
Tuttle started the game by shutting down Classen’s first drive.

Forced to punt from their own 20-yard line, Tuttle junior defensive lineman Adrian Avelar blocked the punt, and the Tigers started their first drive with just 15 yards to go.

Tuttle running back Shawn Rounsaville ran it in on first down.

Classen went three-and-out on the next drive, which resulted in Avelar blocking another punt.

Tuttle took over from their opponents’ 5-yard line, and scored again on first down with a hand off to Brady McAdoo.
Classen’s third drive started with a penalty, which backed them up to their own 10-yard line. The quarterback scrambled on first down into his own end zone, where he was sacked by Avelar for a safety.
Tuttle received the punt and returned it into enemy territory to the 47-yard line. Rounsaville ran the ball for 14 yards on two carries to start the drive. The game’s third and final touchdown was a 30-yard touchdown pass from Tuttle quarterback Jackson Johnson to McAdoo.
Tuttle will start its playoff run hosting Weatherford Friday at 7 p.m.
Coach Ballard said of Weatherford, “They’re good and they’re big. At this point, everybody’s good.”

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