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Canoo producing vehicles at OKC location

Canoo vehicles inside the OKC location are viewed by members of the press. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

A unique looking vehicle is being made not too far away from Mustang, with large companies
and clients expected to benefit from a fleet model of business from Canoo.

Canoo’s workspace is just now making its way onto the scene in Oklahoma City, with the latest
location being near the Interstate 40 and Morgan Road intersection. Canoo has also had a Pryor
location for the business, where the company has invested $90 million despite having a long-
term plan in Oklahoma City.

Tony Aquila, the CEO of Canoo, spoke with reporters from across the state on Nov. 15. That
process involved a tour of different parts of the facility that showcase the process Canoo’s
latest line of vehicles take when being created.

“By the end of this year, we’ll bring 120 jobs to this site,” Aquila said. “As this site continues to
ramp to its run rate… it’ll grow to about 700. And then, as we add up some of the upfitting in
the adjacent buildings, and we bought all the land on the frontage road here, we’ll be able to
add buildings and be able to bring more of the activities from some other states into the state
of Oklahoma.”

“Our whole thing is to be much more self-reliant, and to be able to have an interchangeable
workforce that is working here in Oklahoma,” Aquila said.

Aquila said the company has not taken a dollar from the state of Oklahoma along the process,
instead investing a lot in the state.

He mentioned the deal that Gov. Kevin Stitt has put together with Canoo involves the company
performing to get a payment, but the money is already spent.

“We’re fine with it because we know if we don’t perform we shouldn’t get it,” Aquila said.
Canoo employs 63 individuals at the Oklahoma locations in Pryor and Oklahoma City, with 45
openings currently being available to be filled.

Aquila said the range of salary for employees can be from $18-$26 and can be growing into the
$30 per hour depending on the tax and work, along with the training and what they do.
Currently, the demand is higher than Canoo is able to deliver. That, according to Aquila, is due
to the company ramping. As for the price of the vehicles, he mentioned they range from

Many of the vehicles will be going to work in the state. Aquila said they will be assigned to
members of the administration and their pool, and can perform all the tasks required. He
mentioned the first three orders are of 1,000 vehicles, with Aquila saying Canoo will continue
delivering vehicles to the state.

The vehicles are also electric, and can run 200-250 miles with the current configuration
depending on how the driver drives.

“The software is designed to be able to reduce horsepower so that you can increase your
distance and longevity,” Aquila said. “So, it’s very mission centric, and what’s important is that
it’s all our own IP, and we have greater density than others today on the market. So, we get a
lot more energy, and that was a pretty important thing for a very large industrial customer of

So, what customers could benefit from Canoo? Clients mentioned during the tour of the facility
include Walmart, NASA and the United States Military.

The first batch of vehicles is expected to be shipped in January of 2024, meaning people may
soon see the vehicles on the streets.

With it being right in Mustang’s backyard, it’s safe to say local residents can expect to see these
vehicles, too.

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