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Dispensary’s specific use permit OK’d at City Council meeting

A dispensary is likely to come into a building in place of an older (and out of date) dispensary. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

Another medical marijuana option is making progress, with the specific use permit stage being
approved by members of the Mustang City Council at their most recent meeting Nov. 7.

The application, for the medical marijuana retailer, would see the dispensary go into a location
at 1707 E State Highway 152. City Planner Ryan Conner confirmed the location previously
housed a dispensary from 2020-2021 before the business didn’t renew any of its licenses with
the city or state.

In 2021, according to Conner, Mustang City Council members adopted an ordinance that
changed the zoning locations for dispensaries and required them to receive a specific use
permit to be located.

“They used to be able to be a permitted use by right within the city’s zoning district,” Conner
said. “So, they didn’t actually have to go through the specific use permit process. So, that was
part of the application for this one. So, it was previously, but now it’s a totally new and different
owner of the dispensary that is going into it now.”

Now that the specific use permit is in place, that has essentially taken care of the zoning
requirements to have a dispensary. Ownership would then have to make sure the Oklahoma
Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) paperwork is in place (which Conner confirmed was the
case). Conner said the city would check to make sure the licenses are up to date before
occupancy is awarded.

Conner also said the group will have some remodeling inside the building, which requires some
permits. Once occupancy is granted, and the state paperwork is confirmed, they just need a
business license before opening up shop.

City Council members did place some stipulations on the dispensary, with one of those being
that the business must have an odor filtration device to control the odor. Other stipulations
also included the hours of operation conditions and no flashing strobing signage can be placed.

“Specific use permits can be reviewed annually if there are any nuisances coming out of those,”
Conner said. “And so, if we find out that the odor filtration device is not working, and we get
complaints or things like that, it can be reviewed.”

The odor device was not a requirement for many other dispensaries due to the amount of time
they have been in operation before the city updated the ordinance.

Mustang City Council members were split on the decision, but the permit was approved with a
majority vote.

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