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Mustang Public Schools Foundation hosts Bronco Benefit Feb. 8

MPSF will be hosting the Bronco Benefit Auction and Dinner event soon. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

One of the primary sources of support for local teachers is moving up the date of their Bronco
Benefit Auction and Dinner in hopes of drawing more community involvement at a convenient
time of the year.

Tasha Gammon, the MPSF Executive Director, said the thought was that April, when the dinner
and auction has normally taken place in previous years, would be a challenge for people who
attend myriad fundraisers in the community to maximize the impact for the MPSF fundraiser.

As a result, Feb. 8 was selected as a way to beat the rush of the fundraisers.

“We’re doing it on a Thursday night instead of a Saturday night so that hopefully it’s not
competing with all the other weekend activities, since we usually have more of the corporate
people there,” Gammon said.

Gammon expects the funds raised from the event to be about the same as the Mustang Public
Schools Foundation has produced in prior years. The hope from the dinner and auction is to
produce even more than normal, while generating a continual growth in turnout for the event
each year.

In the past, Gammon said the foundation intends to get around $20,000 raised from the event.
“All the funds from this event go toward our teacher grant program,” Gammon said. “So, that’s
kind of what we gauge for usually.”

MPSF has launched the DonorsChoose Kickstarter Grants. The program has raised around $200
for each teacher, and has allocated $25,000 while having some funds remaining. MPSF said
they will continue fulfilling requests until the money runs out.

About 130 classrooms at the 16 district sites have been touched by the grants.

Interested in coming and participating in the auction for a good cause? People can purchase
tickets for $40 until Jan. 26, and will rise to $50 between then and the auction and dinner

“We do a couple of live auction, but a lot of silent auction items,” Gammon said. “We have
some students who do live art pieces that we auction off. We have students come and
volunteer for serving and all of that. We kind of try to spotlight some of the students, too. We
actually have some photography students coming to shoot the event as well just to involve

The MPSF is accepting any donations from the public, whether that be individuals in the
community or the corporate sponsors.

“We feel like it’s just a way to connect some of the corporate world in the community with the
school district… and help bridge that connection,” Gammon said. “And then obviously it’s great
to be able to give back and seek some extra funds that the school district doesn’t have access to
because we know a lot of our corporate partners, they always have giving that they need to do.
So, it (the dinner and auction) is just a way for us to kind of bridge that to make it a little bit
easier to get into.”

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