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TPS proposes pair of bonds for Feb 13 election

By Jayson Knight
Managing Editor

Richison Family Stadium is nearly complete thanks to a 2021 bond issue approved by Tuttle voters that was paired with a generous donation from Tuttle native and Paycom CEO Chad Richison.
Tuttle Public Schools have circled back around with a new pair of bond proposals totaling just under $1.25 million to improve its other athletic programs as well as other building/site improvements. This new funding will improve all Tuttle extracurricular programs.
The first proposal will seek $995,000 to improve extracurricular programs as well as make improvements to current structures and playgrounds. The second will seek $250,000 to purchase a 71-passenger school route bus and a 44-passenger activity bus.
Voters within the school district will decide at the polls Tuesday, February 13.
TPS Chief Operating Officer Scott Moore said Monday, “We have needs within our activities that are difficult to address through fund-raising. The Tuttle community has always been gracious and provided our students with great facilities and equipment. This bond will allow all extracurricular activities to receive some needed improvements and equipment to meet those needs.”

Building & Site Requests
• Repair and/or replacement of roofing at the Elementary and Middle School
• Purchase and installation of new playground equipment at the Early Childhood Center to replace current aging equipment
• Purchase and installation of playground equipment at the Intermediate School which currently lacks age appropriate equipment
• Purchase of a new Agricultural Education Instructor truck to replace current vehicle with mileage of 150,000

Athletic Requests
• Construction of a D-ring on north end of track for high jump; complete pole vault package; complete high jump package; discus cages at HS and JH; long jump pit covers and sand
• Turf, netting, screens, and mats for new multi-purpose indoor facility
• Wiedenmann Terra Clean turf groomers for softball, baseball, and football fields
• Athletic training supplies to include whirlpool tub, golf cart, and rehabilitation equipment that will benefit all athletes
• Backstop netting completed at softball field and Hack Attack machines
• Rolling turtle cage at baseball field
• Golf simulators for both boys and girls golf programs
• Sound system and exercise bikes for wrestling room
• Sound system for basketball/volleyball auxiliary gym
• Cheer mats, flags, megaphones, speaker, straps, and med balls
• Video board partnership completion in Greg Henning Activity Center

Tuttle Fine Arts
• Purchase of an acoustic sound shell for use in the High School Auditorium that will benefit Tuttle Fine Arts or anyone that uses the stage

Moore said, “Tuttle Softball Field will soon receive bathroom facilities that will be located inside the new multi-purpose facility. This bond will allow for turf, netting, and proper screens to fully utilize the facility. This will also give us the ability to host track meets in the future and it will be large enough for many different sports to use.”
Speaking on a couple of the other proposed improvements, Moore said, “Our track is not adequate. We can’t do high jump events. That portion of the track wasn’t fully completed when we built it, so we’re trying to get things up to a standard where we can host events. We’ve never had that ability because we don’t have the inside part of a track called a “D-ring”, that is the inside portion of the track where the high jump events are positioned. This, along with the restroom facility, will fill some of the obstacles for hosting events. Some of our sports get neglected during bond issues, hopefully this is a way that we can address some of those issues.“
Speaking on proposition two, the transportation proposal, Moore said, “This will allow us to replace an aging route bus, and then hopefully get another activity bus for student transportation to events. The remaining funds will be used to upgrade our playgrounds. Beginning at the ECC, the playground equipment is wearing out quickly. The intermediate doesn’t even have an age appropriate playground. Currently they have swing sets and basketball goals. We are trying to bring it up to standard for the younger kids”. The bond will also help with roofing issues as well. We have two sites where we have major leaks that we fight all the time, so we’re trying to put together a little bit of the funding where we can re-roof portions of the elementary and middle schools.”

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  1. jerry horn on February 10, 2024 at 10:07 am

    How will this bond be repaid ? any taxes increase ??.

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