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Bradley updates chamber members on State of the Schools

Superintendent Charles Bradley presents the state of the schools to the Mustang Chamber of Commerce at a recent Luncheon. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

Members of the Mustang Chamber of Commerce received an update from Mustang
Superintendent Charles Bradley on the State of the Schools on Jan. 25.

Bradley provided numbers on the school district, including the fact the district employs 1,700
people. The district has 13,639 students from Pre-K through 12 th grade. Mustang High School is
also the third largest high school in the state. The district spans 72 square-miles.

“We have a mission and vision statement, most everybody does, but for me it’s defined by
words and actions,” Bradley said. “I really harp, particularly with our administrative staff and
our new teachers, (is) core values.”

Those values are to attend to relationships, laser focus on student success, clear and timely
communications, and a collaborative culture.

Bradley mentioned the growth of the district since he started inside the school district. He said
he wanted to be predictable for his staff, saying predictability brings stability.

He also talked about the direction teaching is going, saying the district is after the process that
will be instilled in the students in the district. He also emphasized that the district adapts to
new materials in the modern world with caution.

Mustang has eight elementary school in use currently, and also uses the Mustang Education
Center for Pre-K. The district also has three intermediate schools and three middle schools as
well as the high school.

Elementary School No. 9 is also on the way, signifying the growth of the area. That brings the
challenge of MPS assessing where they are going in the next three, five and 10 years.

“I gave up on getting ahead of growth a long time ago,” Bradley said. “It’s just how can we
manage it and not lose what we do in the classroom. We will never sacrifice that.”

Bradley showed a slide of a PowerPoint during the state of the schools’ address showing growth
trends in the district.

He said there are plans for every possible situation. He then addressed an ongoing opinion, that
MPS should have a second high school.

“I can’t sit here and tell you we will never have a second high school,” Bradley said. “I can’t sit
here and tell you we’re going to have four high schools. It’s just that I know the circumstances and conditions that exist right now, and before another option presents itself, a whole bunch of
things have to happen. It’s not a whim or a preference of one individual.”

Bradley thanked the City of Mustang, including the city council, City Manager Tim Rooney,
Mayor Brain Grider, Mustang Police Department and Mustang Fire Department and more for
partnering with the school district and prioritizing kids.

Mustang’s bond issue was also included in the update. Bradley mentioned Elementary No. 9 has
broken ground on Sara and 44 th street. Mustang Elementary will also have a safety corridor

A second cafeteria and multiple classrooms will be added once the Elementary No. 9 project
gets to a certain point.

“The High School expansion, that will probably start off I would say as early as this summer,”
Bradley said. “We have to get Elementary No. 9 to a certain point, and then we shift gears to
the expansion of the high school. So, probably next school year you will see a lot of
construction vehicles.”

Bradley spoke to the relationship with the community of Mustang. He referenced the outside-
of-school efforts from the district staff members in multiple instances including one instance
occurring in the past few weeks with the cold weather coming through the state.

He then wrapped up the presentation.

“We’re not about being perfect, or portraying that image of perfection, but we will always try
to be better because they (the students) are worth it,” Bradley said.

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