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City Parks Department getting grant information for fishing pier

Wild Horse Pond could be getting ADA accessibility for a pier soon, as the city has received grant information for the project. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

An additional amenity to Wild Horse park is in the works.

Mustang Parks and Recreation has received information regarding a grant for a fishing pier in
the City of Mustang through the Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Department. That comes through
the “Close to Home” fishing projects, with Wild Horse Park’s pond being one of 46 ponds and
small lakes open to the public statewide.

According to the Oklahoma Wildlife Department, agreements with municipalities like the City of
Mustang make the access for the ponds possible. Mustang’s pond receives extra attention
when it comes to stocking fish, harvest, special events, angler access and water quality.

Shane Huck, the assistant parks and recreation director for the City of Mustang, mentioned the
grants are offered every once in a while, with 2024 being a year the city can apply for the grant.

“It’ll be an ADA fishing pier down here at Wild Horse park that we’ll be looking to put in,” Huck

ADA fishing docks like the one Mustang is applying for give access to the ponds to those with
disabilities. Currently, the pond is rough and can be walked up to but lacks in the accessibility
for those with disabilities.

Huck said the goal is for the pier to give an opportunity for those to go on a pier and sit down in
an enclosed space.

“It’s something that we’ve looked at,” Huck said. “My predecessors, it was something they
looked at and we’re just now getting to a point where we can actually go forward with it. And
of course, with the ability to tap into the state’s resources to make it feasible for us, that’s
always an issue with anything like that. You’ve got to have the money to be able to do it, and so
that’s where all of this kind of ties together. It’s just a good time and opportunity to be able to
take advantage of it.”

The city is pursuing a matching grant for the project, with the plan being for the work to take
place in the Fiscal Year 2024-25 time frame.

Huck mentioned the pond is planning for a restocking of channel catfish, and estimated it
would happen around June 1 when the city hosts a kid’s fishing day. Huck said he thought the
restocking of fish in the pond for the event last year equated to around 200 pounds of fish.

“It’s really not a chance of whether we’re going to get it,” Huck said. “It’s just going to be a
match of when we get it, and then of course what the monetary (value of the grant is) because
they’ve got X number of dollars to divide between I believe the five or six “Close to Home”
ponds we have (in the state that are eligible for the grant).”

Huck reiterated that the city is in the process of getting some quotes and putting some
monetary numbers to the project so they can have all of their ducks in a row when they get
closer to the actually project occurring.

The project will have to go through the Mustang City Council before it gets started. The
Mustang Times will monitor the situation as it goes through the process.

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