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MHS breaks fundraising record with BEAST Week 2024

Mustang High School Student Council members were attendees for each event (including the color run) to help raise funds for a good cause. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

Mustang High School continues to trend upward when it comes to fundraising for good causes
during their annual BEAST Week activities in the past week.

This year, MHS put on a Family Feud event, set up a teachers’ versus students’ basketball event,
hosted a hypnotist, provided an opportunity for some to participate in Powderpuff before
finishing the week with the popular Battle of the Broncos Talent Show.

Morgan Vaughan, the MHS Student Council President, confirmed the total raised ($70,643.75)
broke a record at Mustang High School for funds raised from BEAST Week.

“Breaking another record has meant so much to myself just because my entire life has been put
into student council as I’ve grown up in it, but as a council it just means our hard work has paid
off,” Vaughan said. “All of the long nights, the long days, the tears (and) everything has been
worth it and it’s all going to a good cause.”

Vaughan said the Battle of the Broncos event has been a constant sellout event for BEAST Week
that has seen so many people want to participate.

She also mentioned each recipient (Jean-Marie Otto, who works with Community Education at
the MERC, Mustang Valley Kindergarten teacher Kerry Villanueva and the Cavett Kids
Foundation) was able to attend the final ceremony that occurred Monday afternoon in the
Mustang Event Center.

“I think just the fact that they are here and they were able to feel well enough to come is just
another full circle moment for us,” Vaughan said. “… Just to be able to see them all here is
exciting for all of us, especially since a lot of our kids haven’t met a lot of our recipients. They
now know who they are (and) they have a face to their name and their story.”

Mustang High School student council has roughly 110 members, with seven executive officers.
Vaughan said the planning for BEAST Week 2024 started in April of 2023, with the creations for
decorations for the high school walls getting started in October.

That planning paid off in a big way. In fact, the total raised for 2024 surpassed the $63,516.82
bar for 2023 by over $7,000. That meant a lot to the student council.

“It definitely means a lot to us because of all of our kids that worked really hard, (and) to not
only see that total but just to be able to donate all of it… none of it gets pocketed,” Vaughan
said. “So, everything that we’ve raised and advertised, that goes straight to our recipients. It
truly does go straight to our recipients, and they are very well deserved of it.”

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