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Mustang Hall of Fame members meet and reflect on city memories

Mustang Hall of Fame members are pictured following the Hall of Fame meeting. (Photo by Jacob Sturm)

By Jacob Sturm

First Baptist Church of Mustang served as host for a conglomeration of well-known and well-
respected members of the Mustang community on March 7.

Mustang’s Hall of Fame, which consists of highly influential members of the community, met for
dinner this past Thursday and reminisced on different stories and memories of the town as
each member shared updates on recent things happening in their life.

David Anderson, who serves as the Canadian County Commissioner for District 2 (which
includes Mustang), and was inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame in 2014, helped keep the
group on schedule as the planned event proceeded.

“Mustang, it’s grown so much that it’s hard to recognize some of the old parts, the old
elements of Mustang, but they’re still there,” Anderson said.

Those memories were abundant, and included recollections of previous Town Center locations
before the Community Center was in place alongside other stories about how each member
came to Mustang.

The group meets once a year, with those stories being exchanged. Beyond that, memories are
recalled and a reciprocal enjoyment is established at every meeting. That’s not including the
memories made through the group, and the recognition from peers that comes with it.

The Hall of Fame, for example, welcomed two new members this year, as Tim Rooney and Mike
Wallace were each given an opportunity to speak during the event as members for the first
time since being announced as inductees at the Chamber Banquet last year. Both expressed
genuine appreciation for being inducted into the group.

“When I see the emotion from the people that are inducted into the Hall of Fame, it just tells
the story of how meaningful it is,” Anderson said.

Anderson also said he appreciated the number of members who were able to attend the event,
saying he hopes the group can continue the momentum he attributed to Robert Crout into the

If the present is any indication, that momentum will prove valuable in continuing to honor
those in the esteemed group along with other influential community members who receive
inductions in the future.

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