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Action Vacuum Repair will get your vacuum back into action

By Jayson Knight

Action Vacuum Repair is owned and operated by Will Harrison, out of Moore.
“I started many years ago actually, in Yukon, repairing vacuums for my uncle,” Harrison said Monday. “I worked there repairing vacuum cleaners and selling them for 15 years. They were retiring and so I kind of stepped out on my own and just kind of carried on with it.”
Now, with more than 20 years of experience, Harrison’s motto is “We’ll get your vacuum back into action,” and he’s able to do it starting at $55, depending on what kind of vacuum someone has.
One of Harrison’s favorite brands is Riccar, a standout vacuum brand that is made not only to keep floors clean, but they are also made to last, and are easier to keep up on.
“They’re really good,” Harrison said of the Riccar brand. “They’re American-made vacuums, a good high-quality, excellent selection and really durable. You have to be a dealer to carry them. They are built better, but they’re also meant to be worked on. A lot of the bagless ones are kind of built cheap, so they’re not really built to be worked on as much. It’s hard to get parts for some of them too. Dysons and Riccars are good to work on. I’m not a Dyson dealer, but I do have a lot of their parts, and I can still get a whole lot of parts for Kirby, Hoover, Eureka, Rainbow, all your major brands.
“A lot of the vacuums that they sell at Walmart and places like that are more of the bagless style, they’re not really quality built that way. Also, a lot of those are more top heavy and your better-quality vacuums are actually lighter on top and heavier on bottom.”
So, if your vacuum is on death’s door, call Action Vacuum Repair for your best chance to save it.
“I’ve worked on just about every type of make and model of vacuum,” Harrison said. “My knowledge is pretty wide as far as that goes, as far as knowing the different kinds of problems the different ones have, and are known to have. I’ve been in the business a long time.”
Since Harrison works out of his home, he operates by appointment only. Contact him at (405) 558-1090 to schedule a time to drop your vacuum off.
For more information about Action Vacuum Repair, including repair rates, go online to

Action Vacuum Repair can also be found on all social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Allignable, and LinkedIn.

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