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Two county cities make list of ‘Top 10 Drunkest Cities in Oklahoma’

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By Jon Watje
Managing Editor

Two Canadian County cities made an unusual list., a ‘regional infotainment’ website based out of North Carolina, complied their list of the ’10 Drunkest Cities in Oklahoma.’

El Reno was named the fifth drunkest city in the state with Yukon coming in as tenth. Tulsa was given the ranking as the drunkest city in the state, followed by Norman at number two.

“How do you decide how much a place drinks? By the number of available places to buy booze,” said Bud Tapman of “And by how often people are talking about drinking, that’s how.”

Oklahoma City was ranked the 17th drunkest city.

“We’re aware that on any given night, there are simply thousands of Oklahoma City peeps pouring themselves into the gutters every night,” Tapman said. “But we’re looking at per capita.”

To compile the ranking, used criteria such as the number of bars and pubs per capita, the number of wineries per capita, the number of liquor stores per capita, each city’s drunk related tweets within the last week and each city’s divorce rate.

“El Reno’s divorce rate was through the roof, with more than 16 percent deciding that marriage is no longer in the cards,” Tapman said. “In Yukon, there are about 20 places to get liquor in the area. Basically, if you’re not out and about in Yukon, getting your buzz on at least four times a month, then you’re a minority.”

The website also ranked the most sober places in Oklahoma.

Mustang came in second on that list as it was ranked the second most sober city in the state, right behind Bixby, which was named the most sober city.

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