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Broncos preparing for the new season

By Brody Feldmann
Staff Writer

The Mustang Broncos took to the field this morning to prepare for the upcoming season. (Staff photo by Brody Feldmann)

The Mustang Broncos took to the field this morning to prepare for the upcoming season. (Staff photo by Brody Feldmann)

Middle of the summer is where champions are won in the sport of football. Yes, the season is played in the fall and winter, but teams get better and in the best shape during summer workouts.

Mustang is 51 days away from facing off against the cross-town rival Yukon Millers. But, the Broncos have been getting ready for the Millers and the rest of the schedule every Monday thru Thursday early in the morning.

The Broncos workout every morning together as a team at the fieldhouse and run sprints on the artificial turf or stadium stairs. To compete at the level the Broncos have competed at the last few years it takes dedication from the players to be at the summer workouts to improve each day.

“We have a program in place and we believe in it. We think if the players take advantage of it and do what we ask of them to do the only result is improvement. We feel good about it but you never know until you get to play that first game, our kids have been working hard and it’s been a good summer,” said Coach Jeremy Dombek.

On top of summer workouts the Broncos have been competing in 7-on-7 leagues and tournaments to get extra reps and experience for players. Mustang usually only uses 7-on-7 as a drill at practice. So they just go to these events and run their normal offense as practice unlike other schools that run different defenses and offenses in the summer.

“When we have everyone there we are looking really good. But, 7-on-7 it’s a different game, it’s not football, quarterbacks are sitting back there without loud noises coming at them. What we utilize it for I think it has been good,” said Coach Dombek

It is a great time for quarterbacks and wide receivers to get on the same page and figure each other out before the lights come on. Same goes for the underclassmen that will step in on the secondary of the defense, especially with Mustang getting a new defensive coordinator in Adam Gaylor he brought in some new lingo.

“I think we are right on track and I would say nothing has stood out to make me think we are going to be a lot better than I thought. But, on the flip side of it I think we are right where we need to be at this time,” Coach Dombek said.

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