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Mustang City Councilman candidate: ‘I cannot make Mustang great again because it was never great…”

The following is a campaign letter by Mustang City Council Ward 6 candidate Don Mount, who is challenging incumbent Jess Schweinberg in the upcoming April 4, 2017 election. Mount served as Ward 6 City Councilman before Schweinberg defeated him in the last election in 2014.


Don Mount

Don Mount

Serve the City by representing all of the Citizens and keeping them accurately informed.

I can not make Mustang GREAT AGAIN because it was never great and will never be a metropolitan City.  We are only 2 miles wide and 6 miles long.

Mustang was incorporated and established for the purpose of being a City with a rural type setting.  BUT, We have allowed to many greedy developers to come to town with the thought of building houses on lots 10 feet apart. Some developers seek to buy 20 acres and then develop 100 to 120 lots that are very small lots which change the original intent and rural type atmosphere of the City.

I will not borrow 7.895 million dollars for specific purposes and then not accomplish the purposes for which the loan was made.

I will not borrow 7.895 million that the Citizens must pay back with an interest rate of 3 percent and then not use the funds for the intended purposes.

I will not borrow 7.895 million dollars that cost the Citizens $100,000. per year in interest and then invest those funds at an interest rate of 30 to 40 basis points.

I will not borrow 7.895 million dollars and pay the loan negotiators a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS to find the loan for me.

Mustang did this in December of 2014 and promised to widen Mustang Road South of Hwy 152 at a cost of 4.5 million dollars.

I will not pay Engineers continuous and recurring fees to redo, redraw, study, and to earn excessive fees and never accomplish anything.

I will not disillusion the Citizens and try to make them think I am buying right-of-ways and obtaining the necessary easements in order to widen a road.

I will tell the citizens that Mustang Road presently has a SIXTY SIX  FOOT easement that is establish by Statutes (State Laws) for all section line roads in the State of Oklahoma.

I will tell the Citizens that the first 175 feet of Mustang Road, running South from State Hwy 152 currently consist of 5 lanes of which all 5 lanes are 11 feet wide for a total width of 55 feet.  That is the same exact dimensions of State Hwy 152.

I will not bamboozle the Citizens with progress reports of things happening for the widening of Mustang Road when in fact very little or nothing is happening.

I will not bamboozle the citizens into thinking I am acquiring right-of-ways when in fact and eventually anything that does happen will be substantially with in the Statutory 66 foot easement established by Law.

I will not extend the existing 5 lanes into a bottleneck of 3 lanes for about ½ mile and then on to 89th street with 2 lanes which does nothing to alleviate the traffic problems, BUT  in fact may create more problems.

I will not INTENTIONALLY MISLEAD the Citizens into thinking that the South Mustang Road project will cost 4.5 million dollars when in fact the Council has already passed Resolution No. 15-028  which stipulates the City`s cost at $631,800.

I will not borrow 4.5 million dollars for a specific purpose and then knowingly use $3,868,200.00 for other purposes. Misrepresentation.

For the lending bank, this should be a banking violation.

I will not tell the Citizens that work is beginning on the S. Mustang Rd. project immediately when in fact the City knew at 12/2/14 the LET DATE FOR THE PROJECT IS 2030.

I will demand an accurate monthly accounting of the 7.895 million borrowed funds.  That report, at a minimum, will include; (1) balances of invested funds, (2) balances of funds available for each specific project, (3) itemized list of expenditures, to date, for each project, as to whom these expenses were paid and what they were paid for.

I will demand an accounting of all funds paid to COWRA which is an entity that is alleged to be hunting for more water sources. The City pays annually six figure money for this service and for the past several years it has accomplished nothing.  City of Mustang is setting on top of the largest aquifer in the whole State of Oklahoma.

I will encourage an investigation into someone being able to store or park their boat on City property and plug it into City electricity for the off season.

I will demand an accurate accounting of all funds spent for the continuous upgrades of the waste water treatment plant.  Also that accounting should itemize all funds paid out for penalties, payments for damages caused by spillage on private property of sewage from the outfall line and etc.

I will demand an accurate accounting of funds spent from the loan specific amount of 2.395 million dollars which is a part of the 7.895 million, being used to help our water system.  Run a survey of the Citizens and determine if in fact they have realized any kind of improvement or betterment.

I will demand an accurate accounting of the use of the new John Deere tractor & frail mower purchased in early 2015 for about $100,000. At a minimum, that accounting must include; (1) number of hours on the tractor, (2) where the tractor/mower was used and the number of hours, (3) the City employee who was operating the tractor/mower and the location and (4) location where the tractor/mower is stored or parked.


  1. Rebecca on December 10, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Finally someone willing to stand up to developers. We moved to mustang 12 years ago because of the small town feel. In that time, Mustang has grown into a “little city.” The schools are not adequate for the amount of students we have, traffic is a nightmare, the “family friendly environment” etc… I for one am tired of all the expansion and growth. If people want that they need to move elsewhere.

    • Tammy Conn on December 14, 2016 at 12:53 pm

      Thank you for posting the article! It is about time the people of Mustang stand up and make City of Mustang accountable!

  2. Matthew Taylor on December 25, 2016 at 4:05 pm


  3. Rick H. on December 28, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    WELL PUT SIR! You have MY vote!

  4. M. McAllister on February 6, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Excellent comments. You have my vote as well. Finally, honesty speaks up!

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