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More commercial development coming to Mustang

By Jon Watje
Managing Editor

The Mustang City Council approved a preliminary plat for a new commercial development and a residential subdivision.

Plans are underway for a commercial development along State Highway 152 just east of Wal-Mart. 152 Prairie Creek will include six commercial lots.

The City Council approved the final plat application for 152 Prairie Creek, which will be located at the 1100-1200 block of E. State Highway 152.

“This area is zoned C-5 and contains 17 acres,” said Community Development Director Melissa Helsel. “This plat is intended to provide for a commercial area of development along State Highway 152, just east of the Wal-Mart and Mustang Mall Terrace developments.”
Six lots are included for 152 Prairie Creek, as well as a sizable
common area.

“All drainage, water, sewer and paving plans have been approved by Cowan Engineering,” Helsel said. “There will be a private Common Area Drive to access lots 1 to 5 and also lot six for future development. The common area and common area drive will be maintained by the property owners in the subdivision. Hunker Terrace will be improved as part of this project.”

Helsel said the area around the plat is primarily a commercially-zoned area, and is part of a PUD that was created in 2003. She said the long-range plan calls for commercial/retail development in the area and conforms to the comprehensive plan.

“Staff recommends approval. The plat design meets the requirements for
C-5 development as regulated in our code,” she said. “This is a welcome commercial area that will provide sales tax dollars for the city to be used for public projects. The city engineer has approved all civil aspects of the plat.”

The City Council went on to approve the final preliminary plat.

The City Council also approved the preliminary plat application for the Crystal Springs Addition at the SW corner of N. Clear Springs and W SW 59th Street. The plat includes 118 lots.

“This area is zoned R-1 and contains 32 acres,” Helsel said. “118 lots are proposed and there will be public water, sewer and streets provided for this subdivision. All streets will be built to R-1 Standards and the maintenance of all common areas will be the responsibility of the property owners association which will remain in perpetuity.”

Helsel said all lots meet the minimum size standards for R-1 districts, which is 7,200 square feet. Each cul-de-sac meets fire department requirements, which is a 40’ radius. All setbacks and easements meet city requirements for R-1 districts and the main entrance will be a divided entrance, Helsel said.

“The city engineer and city attorney have reviewed this plat and submitted comments,” she said. “All comments have been addressed by the developer.”

Helsel said the long-range plan calls for low density residential development in the area and it conforms to the comprehensive plan.

The City Council went ahead and approved the plat.

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