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Mustang man arrested for lewd acts with child

Investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office arrested Kyle Henthorn, 18 years old, Thursday, May 25 after he began a sexual communication with what he believed was an 11-year-old boy from Mustang.  Henthorn was in communication with the minor and started off asking him very specific sexual questions about his sexual history.

Henthorn, who is a student at South Eastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, began communicating with what he thought was an 11 year old male. The victim was actually a 13 year old male pretending to be 11.  Henthorn communicated with the underage child since April and as the conversation continued the victim indicated he was uncomfortable and wanted to leave the conversation, but Henthorn begged him to keep talking.

Henthorn told the victim he would do anything for him and would not stop talking to the underage child even after He was told the victim liked girls only.

Kyle Henthorn, 18, of Mustang, was arrested for lewd acts with a child and violation of Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

Henthorn then described in detail his own anatomy and told the victim everything will stay between us. Henthorn asked the under-aged boy if he had experimented with any sexual stuff and if he had masturbated yet.

“Kyle Henthorn could not take no for an answer.  He kept pushing this child to keep talking and wanted show this underage child various sexual acts,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff

During the investigation, investigators learned Henthorn was living in Durant and going to school at Southeastern University.  Investigators worked with campus police to locate Henthorn and conduct an interview.  Once he was located, Henthorn cooperated with investigators and admitted to the sexual conversation he thought he had with an 11-year -old boy.

Henthorn also gave investigators permission to conduct a search of his cellular phone.  Located on the phone were numerous conversations with other underage children.  Some conversations took place with children from the United Kingdom.  Investigators confirmed from Henthorn he also sent nude photographs of himself to his victims using Snap Chat.

“We are still figuring out just how many victims this man has.  Kyle Henthorn has attempted to victimize numerous children on Social Media, we are going to figure out how many and how many more charges are going to send over for prosecution.” West said.

Henthorn was booked into the Canadian County Jail on the charge of Lewd Acts with a Child and Violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.  Henthorn’s bond was set at $100,000 and remains in custody.  The Sheriff’s Internet Crimes against Children unit continues to operate under the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations ICAC Task Force, and is assisted with polygraph examinations by the United States Secret Service.

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