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Supreme Lending helps Mustang residents purchase homes

By Jess Kelsey
Managing Editor

Serving as a mortgage originator, Supreme Lending’s Brantley Home Team, located at 135 N. Cedar Branch Way Suite 109, opened its doors this summer to the residents of Mustang.

Since its opening, Keneath Brantley and Danae Kringlen have been busy helping clients purchase their dream homes.

Keneath Brantley and Danae Kringlen

Supreme Lending’s loan programs include FHA loans, bond programs, cash-out refinance, renovation loans, repair escrows, jumbo loans, etc.

“We have built a level of trust with our investors and that translates into Supreme’s ability to underwrite, close and fund loans,” according to Supreme Lending. “For the consumer, it means lower interest rates, closing costs and faster turnaround time. Our loans are handled by our licensed mortgage originators who personalize the loan process and provide timely and informed communication with the customer.”

Both Brantley and Kringlen said they enjoy being in Mustang and have found it rewarding helping clients in the area.

“Being able to help clients purchase a home, whether it be their first house, fifth house, upgrading or downsizing, there’s no better feeling when you can really help someone who is so thankful that we can help them move into a home,” said Brantley. “It’s a blessing to be able to have our clients buy a house.”

According to Brantley, Supreme Lending is unique in the fact that the Brantley Home Team has a mortgage lender available at the office in Mustang every day.

“We feel as if this is our calling. We are here to help a lot of clients,” said Brantley. “We take the easy transactions, the hard transactions and everything in between. There are so many lenders out there that if you don’t meet high credit scores, they automatically decline you and they don’t help you. Our goal and our philosophy and our belief is that we want to help clients. It’s important for us to make sure that the community knows we are here to build relationships with them, help them overcome obstacles they may have and help them buy a home.”

Supreme Lending offers a variety of mortgage products to meet individualistic needs, according to Brantley. Regardless of credit issues or down payment amounts, the Brantley Home Team will have a solution.

For more information on Supreme Lending’s Brantley Home Team visit Brantley or Kringlen can be reached by calling 405-216-4931.

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