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Road widening project nears home stretch

By Jeff Harrison
Managing Editor

Road work along SE 15th Street is ahead of schedule and expected to wrap up in early April, according to ODOT.

“We’re looking at another six weeks and it could potentially all be completed by early April,” said Lisa Salim, ODOT spokesperson.

The road project includes widening nearly 1 ½ miles of roadway between Lynn Fry Blvd. and Anderson Rd. New bridges were constructed as part of the project.

The west portion of the project has been largely finished for several months. Traffic lights have been installed at the intersection of Westminster, but are not yet programmed.

Work shifted to the east end of the project. The new bridges and much of the roadway has been completed. Crews are pouring the last sections of the road and sidewalks near Anderson Road.

Once the major roadwork is completed, crews will add a final layer of asphalt and stripe the entire roadway. They will also program the new traffic lights at Westminster and Anderson.
Salim said they are waiting until the entire project is completed before opening the new lanes.

“With the number of lanes and turn lanes, we wanted to wait until everything is fully functioning before we opened it,” Salim said.

ODOT is overseeing the widening project. The project is funded largely through federal funds. ODOT is paying 80 percent of the cost with the City of Midwest City covering the remaining 20 percent.

Schwarz Paving won the construction contract for the project.

The project started in early 2017. City officials say it was needed due significant growth on the east side of the community during the last decade. The old two lane road east to Anderson was over capacity.

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  1. Lou on March 2, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    I drive this roadway every day. Noticing zero work being done for weeks as months went past and equipment sat idle never moving as the 1 guy in white pick up sat there. From 0700 to 1630 hrs.
    As you stated ” west end of project completed, but not going to open until completion “.
    Westminster should be open.
    In the words of Larry the Cable guy, “gitterdone”.

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