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Facebook group asks Mustang to pay it forward

By Jess Kelsey
Managing Editor

Locals have banded together to create a Facebook page dedicated to paying it forward throughout Mustang.

A local mom was recently trying to find a new home for her son’s gently worn clothes when she came up with an idea dedicated to paying it forward.

Debbie Splawn-Bunch ran into a dilemma when her son “basically grew over night” after spending the summer participating in sports. His clothes no longer fit, so she turned to Facebook’s Marketplace as a way to try and sell some of his clothing.

Bunch said she instantly started receiving multiple messages from parents around Mustang asking if she would be willing to sell the items for a bulk price or donate items to families in need.

“It got me thinking that I just need to give these to someone,” said Bunch.

Having a deep passion for paying it forward, Bunch said she was inspired and began brainstorming a way to create a place for residents to exchange or donate items with others in the community.

Bunch, with the help of Tammy Sims and Minita Little, then created the Pay it Forward Mustang Exchange Facebook group.

In this group, residents are welcome to post their unwanted items for exchange or donation, as well as post their needs or ask for items in particular they may be looking for.

“We created this group with really only two rules: be kind and you cannot exchange items for money,” said Bunch.

Growing up with a single mother, Bunch said she’s learned to appreciate the compassion a community can show one another.

“Some people might not be aware of it, but there is a need here,” said Bunch. “Not everyone is doing okay. Some people need help, and as a community, I feel like these types of exchanges or donations are needed.”

Bunch said she wants the Facebook group to be a place where “people can help people.”

To be apart of the group, search Pay it Forward Mustang Exchange on Facebook and request to join.

Bunch, Sims and Little can be messaged with any questions or concerns members might have.

“What’s exciting is a woman in Moore asked if she could copy the page,” said Bunch. “We hope this spreads and people continue showing compassion and paying it forward.”

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  1. Carol on May 14, 2021 at 8:50 am

    We had a garage sale and we have lots of things left . How can we see if you need them?

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