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Mid-Del teacher accused of posting racist comments resigns

By Jeff Harrison
Managing Editor

A teacher at Jarman Middle School has resigned after making inflammatory comments on social media about race and recent protests against police brutality, according to officials at Mid-Del Schools.

Kemper Rigg submitted his resignation as of June 11.

Superintendent Rick Cobb recommended the teacher’s termination after learning of the posts. He planned to ask the school board to schedule a termination hearing during a special meeting on Friday, June 12. That special school board meeting has been canceled since Rigg resigned.

The school district issued the following statement about Rigg:

“On Saturday, June 7, District officials were notified of social media posts made by Kemper Rigg. The posts made on his personal social media account did not mirror the district’s vision and the values. Superintendent Cobb assured the community that we expect all of our staff to embrace the diversity of our district and support the families we serve. We do not condone Mr. Rigg’s words or behavior.”

Rigg made the comments in a Facebook group for educators. The teacher replied to a post about pandemics, racism, white privilege and police brutality, saying “Reverse racism is real, looters are real, good cops are real, white privileged doesn’t affect everyone. Can we stop the s***and call this what it really is. Black privilege and looters.”

Another Facebook user questioned the “black privilege” statement and Rigg responded saying that protests turned into looting.

“Immediately they turn on all police and think their rights are the only rights that matter. Nothing else can be mentioned because 200+ years ago black people were owned as slaves. NOT RELATED TO THOSE RIOTING TODAY, but hey, they always fall back on that. They’re constantly spouting white privileged and trying to blame EVERYONE for their problems. Get off their asses, go to a college and become something.”

When another Facebook user challenged him, he commented, “Your opinion, I personally don’t give a f*** what you think. I’m tired of black people causing so much s***! Especially blaming me because I’m white. Get over it go back to Africa.”

Rigg later apologized online for the comments.

Misty Nash, a Midwest City mother, learned about Rigg’s comments from other teachers and took the lead in pressuring district leaders to act.

Rigg had been employed by the school district since 2017.

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  1. DeeDee on June 13, 2020 at 1:44 pm

    While his remarks may have been inflammatory and he did in fact resign, Misty’s continual reposting and her comments are now bordering on nothing more than Bullying. He’s resigned. He’s apologized. The Bullying at this point can stop unless she too is prepared to face public backlash. I’ve seen her page and her continued bullying…will she only be happy should he now become suicidal?

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