Mid-Del Schools selling Jarman Middle School

By Jeff Harrison
Managing Editor

A for sale sign is going up at Jarman Middle School.

Mid-Del Schools plans to sell Jarman Middle School which closed at the end of the last school year. (Photo by Jeff Harrison)

The Mid-Del School Board hired a commercial realty firm to sell the 76-year-old school building.

Superintendent Rick Cobb said the district wants to sell the unused building at 5 W. MacArthur Dr. as part of the middle school consolidation. The district closed Jarman and Del Crest middle schools and combined them with Monroney and Kerr. Del Crest has been converted into the Mid-Del Learning and Services Center and houses enrollment, special services, child nutrition and others.

Equity Commercial Realty II, LLC. will help in assessing, advising, and marketing the building. The Norman based firm has worked for Norman Public Schools and the University of Oklahoma.

Cobb said the first task will be to clean up the records for the property. They found eight deeds for the property, which is next to Rose Field and the transportation services building.

“The transportation building, the football field and Jarman form a T shape and some of those probably sit on multiple deeds,” Cobb said.

The district plans to retain some of the land behind Jarman that will be used to expand parking at Rose Field. The district added a parking lot to replace one lost during the stadium renovations.

Cobb said he also plans to meet with city officials to discuss plans for redevelopment of the school building.

“We don’t want to sell it in a way that hurts the school district or the city,” Cobb said. “We want it sold and developed to benefit the Original Mile neighborhood and the city as a whole.”

Earlier this year, the city council voted down a zoning request for an apartment complex near Jarman Middle School. The proposal drew strong opposition from several neighbors.


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  1. Mandy Porter on July 27, 2020 at 11:44 am

    If it got voted down, then how are they building little townhouse looking things over there on kittyhawk? I’m not being mean but that whole neighborhood should be torn down and apartments & new businesses go up. Those houses are old, in bad shape, and so small. That land could build up bringing new jobs for alot of people, bring money in for the city, & by all means look pretty and modern. You’ve hot the shopping center where Target and best buy with all the restaurants are looks so good. Then behind it starts a neighborhood that runs down that area completely. Then fixing up the stadium will look phenomenal. It’s like right in the middle are those old ran down homes. I know they’re trying to fix them up, but seriously, so much else could be done with that area. Very disappointed in how the city is leaving all of it for the “original mile”. A little area could be made to pay tribute to that and people could come see it and appreciate it. A area of trashy houses does nothing for the visual response to this area, and it’s only gonna get worse. Tinker could do alot with that area for sure. MWC needs more jobs and more money to rise up in times like other places. It’s already known for crime, bad schools, and bad people. Take those houses, pay the owners, & fix it up to look nice and somewhere people will enjoy visiting or even living. Just a thought. I’m thankful I don’t live over there anymore. Definitely a area not to be proud of or say you live. There’s maybe 20 houses from behind Target to 15th that are ok looking. That’s alot of wasted space that could help so many if it was done right.
    #sad #revoteplz #gladJarmanisdone #abouttime

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