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Ragin Cajun serves up New Orleans cuisine

By Steve Coulter

New Orleans style cooking is coming soon to the area. The Ragin Cajun is opening up a seafood restaurant and fresh seafood market at 1701 S Mustang Rd. It’s located behind the 7 Eleven in the Mustang Crossing shopping center.


The owner grew up in the south and knows what it takes to make great seafood.


“I’m originally from Alabama and I’m really excited to bring a Cajun restaurant to the area. I come from a background of cooking and catering. My family always tells me that I’m the Queen of seafood,” said Ragin Cajun Owner Latrice McMillian.


She moved here so her kids could go to a good school. She loves the community and has been working as a caterer at sporting events for Yukon Public Schools.


“The School was like man. They were ragin about them baked beans that I make and macaroni. It was like man that girl food is amazing. The lines were really long and we would run out of food. Then I started doing pre-orders of my seafood. I would get overloaded on Fridays. I would sell like 150 to 200 plates. I was like man I’ve got to open up a seafood restaurant,” said McMillian.


So she hooked up with her vendors in Shreveport Louisiana and Gulfport Mississippi. She told them she wanted to open up a seafood restaurant and a market next door to supply everybody that needs wholesale fresh seafood.


The Ragin Cajun is going to be a different kind of restaurant and offer a very large menu.


“We will be serving anything from charbroiled oysters to lobster. Snow crabs, Dungeness crab, King crab, fish, and fried catfish platters. Our menu is like really really big. We pretty much surround the whole seafood area. We have gumbo, etouffee, Cajun pastas, baked beans, hush puppies, crab cakes, fried okra and lobster mac & cheese. New Orleans style restaurant,” said McMillian.


Her food has a lot of seasoning and she believes that’s why people love it so much.


“We put a lot of seasoning in our food. Our food is different. A lot of people don’t use seasoning and the food is bland. My food is not bland. We use a lot of seasoning. I think that’s why people love my food,” she said.


The Ragin Cajun is set to open on Sept. 17. At first it will be to go only with dine in seating available at a later date.


“I have a lot of support in the Mustang and Yukon area. I think I’ll do really really well being in that spot. The people in Oklahoma are just amazing. I’ve never met so many nice people in this area. They are really really helpful. The people are just amazing here,” said McMillian.



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